Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Best Places To Enjoy Yakiniku In Sapporo, Hokkaido!


Hokkaido is known as a popular place for people with a fine palette. There are so many good foods to try on the island, and meat is no exception. If you are in Sapporo and would like to have some yakiniku, here are some of the best places there is for it!

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Totori トトリ 本店

Totori is a super popular yakiniku restaurant in the downtown area near the Susukino Station. You can have all the classic yakiniku meat cuts Japanese people crave such as gyutan (beef tongue), karubi (belly meat), and also horumon (tripes) of wagyu beef. It's a place that specializes in Korean cuisine as well so you can get plenty of kimchi side orders as well. Also, you must try the cold noodles dishes which go superbly well with the yakiniku! For the quality, this place is not too expensive! You can get lunch for ¥2,000 and dinner for ¥3,000 to ¥5,000.

Gurumans Ito グルマンズ いとう

The fact that this is one of the hardest yakiniku restaurants in Sapporo to make a reservation says a lot about the exceptional experience you would get here. So if you'd like to go, better reserve a few weeks in advance, if possible! The restaurant has a warm interior where you can dine at tables with tatami seats for a truly Japanese experience. Everything is of top-notch quality and so beautifully presented. Try the "hanasaku roast" which is served with an orchid flower! The place is also well-known for its good shochu (a type of Japanese spirit).
Located near the Honganji Mae Station.

Taihara たいはーら

Taihara is a yakiniku restaurant where you grill your food on charcoal roasters. Not only can you have standard yakiniku and horumon (tripes), but they also serve Jingisukan (Genghis Khan), which is a Hokkaido type of lamb yakiniku. This excellent yakiniku resto is pretty reasonably priced too! People say they pay on average ¥3,000. They have plenty of drink choices. You can have a glass of makkori Korean sake for just ¥350.
Located near the Susukino Station.

Yakiniku Kanechan 焼肉屋かねちゃん

You can have lots of different kinds of top quality meats here, from Saroma-raised wagyu beef to premium basashi (horse meat served raw)... and if you've always wanted to have a beef cake, they serve that too! The interior of the restaurant which opened in 2013 is cozy and stylish. Courses are about ¥3,000 to ¥4,000, and there are some all-you-can-drink options.
Located near the Susukino Station.

Horumon Ginga ホルモン 銀牙

This is perhaps the most popular restaurant for horumon, or tripes (it's in their name after all). They serve many types of it. If tripes aren't your thing, then just have their other cuts, which are really good too. They serve some Hokkaido-raised wagyu meat, Hokkaido pork, and you might also be able to try some Hokkaido deer too! What's more, for the drink menu, they also offer plenty of Hokkaido craft products (shochu, sake, beer). Courses start at ¥4,000.

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