Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Top Quality, Low Price Udon Restaurants In Sapporo!


Udon noodles are one of the quintessential Japanese foods you just have to have while in the country. With some excellent wheat produced in Hokkaido, Sapporo has a good many great udon restaurants, and best of all, even the best ones are surprisingly cheap! Here are 5 of the best udon restos with dishes under ¥1,000.

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Teraya 手打ちうどん寺屋

Teraya is the most famous udon restaurant in the city. They have their own technique for making the noodles called "reisei" which means "made cold". If you've never had homemade udon made through this technique you'll surely realize there is a difference in taste. Teraya's noodles are simply perfect, with the right texture and fresh taste that comes from locally grown wheat. The udon are served as part of tempura sets. You might want to try the fried oysters as the topping! Oysters are a specialty of Hokkaido.

Udonya Komugi うどん家 こむぎ

The dashi (soup stock) has a really good flavour and the noodles are on the al dente side. The exterior might not seem like much, but you will be impressed by the pretty stylish interior. You might want to try the small shrimp tempura udon pictured above. It's really popular and the crispy shrimp and veggies topping is just heavenly. You can also have dishes that are more oden-style (pieces of vegetables, meat, fish) cooked for a long time in a savoury broth.
At a 5-minute walk from the Hachiken Station.

Masuda Udon 増田うどん

These are perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful tempura udon bowls in Sapporo! They serve tempura udon with veggies and eggs, but their number one dish is the "niku udon" which is a "meat udon". As the name hints, it has a nice amount of meat in it, and when served, you are asked if you want to add some "tenkasu", which are crunchy bits of tempura. Yum! Don't let the beautiful appearance of the dishes and the amazing taste fool you, this place isn't even expensive! Most items are under ¥1,000.

Icchu 一忠

This restaurant offers really great, simple udon that you can customize as you wish. It is served plain, in a clear but savoury bonito fish broth. On the table, you'll see that there are several ingredients that you can add to your udon. That's their system. You just add whatever you want in it. There is some finely chopped green onions, some bits of tempura, a citrussy condiment called "sudachi", kombu seaweed, and you can ask for some grated ginger. Sounds pretty good and healthy, doesn't it!

Zaboan 座忘庵

This place is a bit different as it specializes in "Chuka" (Chinese cuisine) as well as udon. It's an unusual combination but it works really well and people seem to love it as the place is really popular. You can order a la carte but you should probably order a set if you are quite hungry. A popular choice here is the "kakuni" (stewed meat) udon set (¥1,000). It comes with a salad, the udon noodles are springy, and the kakuni, which is pork, in this case, is just so tender and savoury! The kakuni comes served on a bed of rice so you can be pretty sure that you won't be hungry after that.

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