Updated: November 07, 2018
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Halal Hiroshima's Best Halal Restaurants

Hiroshima City

When you are travelling in Japan, you should enjoy the beautiful scenery and the delicious cuisine, without having to worry about dietary restrictions. This is why we've compiled a list of restaurants you should try while visiting Hiroshima.

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Karsiyaka カルシャカ・トルコ料理

Karsiyaka is a Turkish restaurant close to the Peace Park. It's a great place for a Halal meal, and the location is also great. You should try the Kebab plate, it's savory and tasty, and the portions are generous. If you're lucky, you might even catch a belly dance show in the evening. If you have a sweet tooth, you should try their divine baklava.

Kanak Otemachi

Kanak is an Indian restaurant which is also in the vicinity of the Peace Park. They have a Halal and a vegetarian menu, but they do also serve alcohol. For lunch, it's delicious and filling, you can get a lunch set for less than 1,000 yen. It comes with naan, curry, and salad.

Natsakorn Krua Thai ナッサコン クルアタイ

Natsakorn Krua Thai is only open from Friday to Sunday so the window of opportunity is rather narrow. But, if you do go, you'll get great Halal Thai food with vegetarian options! The green curry is really good!


At the international Hiroshima plaza, there is a cafeteria-like dining area. They serve different types of food while taking in consideration dietary restrictions. They serve international cuisine, which is 700 yen for lunch and 800 yen for dinner. It is incredibly cheap for dinner! And if you go with Elementary School Students it is 600 yen, with younger children it is 200 yen, and free if they are under the age of 2.
Please note that there is a donation box where you can place money to pay for the price of one child's lunch in a developing country (20 yen).

Warung Matahari

Warung Matahari is an Indonesian restaurant which is adapted to the Japanese palate, which means that if you don't like spicy food, you will like this restaurant anyway.
If you are like me and are not familiar with Indonesian food, I highly recommend the course. It is only 2,500 yen and you get to try many different Indonesian staple dishes.

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