Updated: March 18, 2019
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5 Delicious And Affordable Lunches Of Local Specialties In Sapporo!


Sapporo has so many good types of cuisine that your only problem there related to food will be to decide which restaurant to eat at to get the most out of the local cuisine. Here is a list of some outstanding restos that offer local specialties for lunch at an affordable price (about ¥1,000 to ¥3,000).

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Morihico Cafe 森彦カフェ

This incredibly cute cafe makes you feel like you stepped into a dream.This place is so charming and welcoming that you'll probably never want to leave.
It is a few minutes from Maruyamakoen station on the Tozai line, and also close to the Maruyama park. It's a perfect date activity, after having coffee or a light meal in this wonderful cafe restaurant, you can a stroll in the park. For the food, they have particularly good cakes, but you can also have baked light meals such as the one pictured above.
The atmosphere feels rustique as it is a wooden interior and the exterior is covered with beautiful green leaves. And the drip coffee is delicious. It feels like a warm hug in a beautifully cozy setting.

Menya Takahashi 麺屋高橋

Nothing compares to the rich broth of the miso ramen of Hokkaido. Menya Takahashi is one of the most popular places for that popular type of ramen, and you can have it either with a dipping sauce (tsukemen) or in the standard ramen bowl. The dipping style is actually more popular here. Try it out if you haven't! The seafood broth is even richer than what you get in a regular soup, and it's a little spicy which gives it even more punch! The noodles are top quality too.

Itadakimasu いただきます

Itadakimasu is one of the few places where you can have lunchtime Jingisukan (lamb barbecue that is a specialty of Hokkaido). The owners of Itadakimasu raise their own lambs right there in Hokkaido. So not only are you eating a delicious meal, but you are also encouraging local production and you can be sure that the pure-bred Suffolk lamb meat will be fresh. They have delicious sauces but just eating the meat with salt and pepper is sufficiently good. When the basic ingredients are of superior quality, they don't need much dressing up.
It is located approximately a 4-minute walk from the Susukino Station.

Kita No Gurumetei 北のグルメ亭

This restaurant is located in the Sapporo Wholesale Market, a popular market in Sapporo with some 60 establishments comprising restaurants and wholesale stores. Kita Gourmetei serves some of the most tantalizing kaisen don (sashimi toppings on a bowl of rice) you'll ever see. They contain all of the specialties of Hokkaido in one bowl (crab, sea urchin, salmon roe, seasonal fish, etc.). Expect to pay about ¥3,000 for the best items on the menu. A little pricey compared to other places at the Sapporo Wholesale Market but it is well worth it! If you love sushi, you will love their super fresh kaisendon!
Located at a 5-minute walk from the Nijuyonken Station.

Sapporo Kani Honke 札幌かに本家

For a crab buffet, this is the place! Kani Honke is a famous restaurant with many branches across the country but this is the original location. In terms of quality, it's quite top! You can have some of the best in-season crabs there is in Hokkaido. They do not use any frozen products, so everything is deliciously fresh.
You can choose between the all-you-can-eat option or many different courses (they start at around ¥5,000). A little pricey compared to the other places introduced here, but hey, this is an all you can eat crab buffet!

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