Updated: November 07, 2018
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Here's The Lowdown On The 5 Best Cat Cafes In Yokohama Town!

The cat cafe genre has become huge everywhere in Japan, and the scenic Yokohama is no exception. If you want to hang out and play with some kitties in a comfortable environment, here are the 5 top spots for doing that!

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This cat cafe is one of the best in Yokohama because it is spacious, has lots of cats (over a dozen) and the staff is super friendly. The place is well-managed too. The nice cats at Miysis are all adopted kitties that are looking for foster parents. So you can even adopt one if you live in Japan. The price is ¥1,300 for 70 minutes which includes a drink. They have an English menu.
Located near the Kannai Station.

Cat Cafe Leon 猫カフェれおん

So many cats to befriend here! Each with its own character. Find the one that you get along best with and you can pet as much as you like. Basic fees are ¥600 per 30 minutes and an extra ¥200 for every extra 10 minutes. There are also some set prices that come with a drink and a chewey cookie if you are planning to stay for 90 minutes or more. The basic one is ¥1,700 for 90 minutes. One last thing to mention, you can bring your own cat toy!
Near the Ishikawacho Station (4 stations away from the Yokohama Station).

Cat Cafe mfmf

This place's motto is to select cats not for their looks or cuteness but for their good character. So every cat here is quite personable. Some of them were stylish accessories which makes them super cute anyway. The basic price here is ¥1,500 for one hour and ¥200 for every additional 10 minutes. This comes with a free drink. You can even buy some snacks to feed the cats here.

Shelter Cat Cafe Omusubi 保護ねこカフェ おむすび

This is quite a different kind of cafe because all the cats here were stray cats. So they are not always friendly at first. In fact, they can be quite fearful. As they reside in the shelter, they get become more familiar with humans and eventually can be adopted. There is a flat pricing system here of ¥1,500. You can order food and drinks for a little extra. The place is really nice and has an at-home kind of atmosphere.
Make sure to check the website below to know when the shop is open because the business hours are irregular. The website is entirely in Japanese but if you look at the calender, days with a green mark with お休み means that they are not open.

Neko Cafe Nyankuru Sakuragicho 猫カフェ にゃんくる 桜木町店

Nyankuru is a sister branch of the Leon Cafe mentionened above. It's a cat shelter were you can adopt. The price scheme is the same as the Leon Cafe, which means it is ¥600 for the first half hour and ¥200 for every additional 10 minutes. There are some special deals starting at ¥1,680 if you plan to be there for 90 minutes or more. There's a free time option that is ¥2,980 on a weekday and ¥3,980 on the weekend.

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