Updated: November 07, 2018
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Two Types Of Famous Nabe (Hotpots) In Fukuoka You Should Try!

Fukuoka City

In Fukuoka, there are two types of famous "nabe" (hotpots): "mizutaki" and "motsunabe". The first is made with chicken broth, and the second is made with innards. You should try both while you're in Fukuoka!

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Toriden Hakata とり田 博多本店

Toriden is famous for their fresh chicken that you can eat in a variety of ways. Their claim to fame is the hot pot of course, and the "oyakodon" (chicken and eggs over rice). The restaurant has a very classy and beautiful interior. It looks like a French bistro with a Japanese touch. They have a very nice wine selection and their desserts are delicious (try the houjicha base dessert!)

Hakata Motsunbe Fukuro 博多もつ鍋 梟

Fukuro is famous for their Fukuro Yukimi Nabe, which has a light taste and is made with seafood broth and salt. If you are into spicy foods, you should try the Fukurou Kazan Nabe, which is similar to the first one mentioned but with a spicy zing.

Motsunabe Sachi Daimyo もつ料理 幸 大名店

Sachi's motsunabe is available only in the basic soy sauce flavour. This simple broth really brings out the taste of the vegetables!
The tripes are soft, and the soup hasn't got too much flavour so you can eat a lot without growing tired of the taste. Many people put chanpon noodle in at the end, but I recommend to put steamed rice in for this simple soup. This restaurant's specialty is motsu, but their side menu is also quite extensive!

Syoumon 笑門

Syoumon is a lovely place to try authentic Hakata motsunabe. What is more, it's cheap and you get to try many different dishes! That's what so great about izakayas! The yakitori is also great!

Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka 博多もつ鍋 やま中 赤坂店

Yamanaka is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Hakata and is located in Akasaka.
For this motsunabe, you should go with the miso flavour although the soy sauce flavour is a classic. The motsu are quite succulent with a sweet taste. Many people also order the vinegar-marinated motsu and they say that it doesn't give off the usual motsu smell.

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