Updated: November 07, 2018
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GLAY's HISASHI's RX-72's Taiwan Adventure Will Be Airing On April 30th, 2018, On Music ON! TV

Airing on April 30th on M-ON! from 7 PM, the next episode of the monthly program RX-72, featuring GLAY's lead guitarist HISASHI, will be set in Taiwan! The special episode was shot during the band's most recent concert trip to Taiwan after a 5-year hiatus.

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HISASHI's monthly show called RX-72 which plays on M-ON! (Music ON! TV) features the band member and Japanese actor Jun'ichi Mogi finding all kinds of interesting objects, from local crafts to things made by large manufacturers.

Special Episode Of RX-72 In Taiwan Airing On April 30th, 2018, On M-ON!

After five years of absence and many top-of-the-chart singles, GLAY was finally back on stage in Taiwan in March as part of the GLAY ARENA TOUR 2018. To the joy of the many fans, GLAY's HISASHI seized the travel opportunity to shoot a special episode of RX-72 HISASHI (GLAY) VS Jun'ichi Mogi.
The pair will be seen wandering through Taipei's shopping alleys and markets, letting their curiosity guide them to some surprising finds.
This scene was shot in the retro video game store "Nostalgic store" (時光屋). Not only can you find video games from very ancient gaming consoles, but also pieces of hardware!?
"Toy Kingdom" (101玩具王国) seems pretty promising. It looks like a place where you can find some rare action figures, and that's exactly what they did! They came across a build-it-yourself "Mecha Frame 5" kit and toy vehicles from the Tamiya Plamodel Factory.
Taiwan has an amazing food culture, so naturally, you'll see them dropping by for a kampai and some food at this local restaurant "Yong Le Tantan Noodles" (永樂担仔麵) to have some homemade-like Taiwanese cuisine. This restaurant has been featured on Japanese TV.
This is a popular set called "Goro's Special Set" (五郎特餐). It comes with a bowl of rice with some shredded chicken on top, and another dish of stir fried veggies with some meat and a deeply savoury marinated egg. Eating at this restaurant costs about 25 to 30 TWD. For those who are in Taiwan, it might be worth a stop!
What's also neat about the soon-to-be-aired special episode of RX-72 is that you'll have an exclusive peek at what's going on with HISASHI on the very day of the big concert in Taipei!

When And Where To Watch RX-72's Special

The special episode of RX-72 will air on April 30th, from 19:00 to 19:30 on Music ON! TV. There will be a replay on May 20th from 23:30 to 24:00.

In Japan, you can view the special on cable television. If you are outside of Japan, you can view the special on niconico (video viewing platform) from the link below.
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