Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Places To Have Some First-Rate Shabu Shabu In Yokohama

Shabu shabu is one of the best thing about Japanese cuisine! Not only is it addictively delicious, but also pretty healthy and fun to make. If you are looking for a good place in Yokohama, here are 5 shabu shabu restaurants that are very much worth the try!

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Yokohama Serina Romanjaya 横浜 瀬里奈 浪漫茶屋

This is simply the best quality of shabu shabu you can get in Yokohama. The atmosphere of the restaurant is sophisticated too so keep this one for special occasions! There are several different courses that start at lunchtime from ¥2,600. At that price, you get some black cattle wagyu so it's pretty reasonable. Some very exquisite dinner courses even include some Kobe beef. These go up substantially in price though (over ¥10,000). For a mid to high-end shabu shabu experience in Yokohama, this is probably your best choice!

Mariareru マリーアレル

Mariareru has a rustic decor with many counter seats and some tables too. It has some fine shabu shabu options that are served in beautiful pots. Meat cuts are good and the very fresh vegetables too. You can either have it the shabu shabu with a ponzu tare sauce or a sesame one. The latter being particularly good. For ¥4,000 or less, you can get a satisfying meal even if you've worked up an appetite because the portions are generous. This is also a steak place so you might want to try that too.

Kamesennin Yokohama Kannaigura 甕仙人 横浜関内蔵

This place specializes in a Yokohama style shabu shabu which uses mostly pork that is produced domestically, in the Kagoshima area. The pork is carefully selected so it is of the best quality you can imagine for shabu shabu. The atmosphere of the restaurant is really nice, with the sofa seats, tatami seats and the horigotatsu (traditional low tables over a whole where you place your legs) seats. They have some all-you-can-drink options which can last over 3 hours. This is a good place to celebrate with some friends. Courses are about ¥4,000 to ¥5,000.

Gachimaya がちまや~

This place offers something pretty interesting because their specialty is a pork shabu shabu made from a special pork brand from Okinawa called the pineapple pork. The name comes from the fact that the pigs are literally fed pineapple, which results in their meat containing 20% less fat than regular pork and being extra tender because of the enzymes of the pineapple. It also contains more vitamins and minerals because of the way its fed. And the taste is a little bit sweet. There are some assortment sets that are about ¥2,500.
You can also order some Orion beer from Okinawa!

Beef Boutique B. B.

This is a place where you can get an exquisite shabu shabu course for about ¥5,000. It comes complete with hors-d'oeuvre and some A5 (highest) quality meat. Not only is the meat extremely delightful but the veggies that are served with it are the freshest there is. The place also specializes in kappo cuisine, which is a style of cuisine that has many small services that are beautifully arranged. Every dish is like a work of art. With some fine wine and other side orders, this place can get a bit pricey but the quality you get justifies the price.

Located on a second floor, at a 5 minute walk from Nihon-odori Station.

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