Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Best Places To Get Seafood In Fukuoka!

Authentic seafood eateries in Fukuoka you need to try! If you want to eat and drink like a local, you need to try these awesome seafood restaurants.

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Chikae Fukuoka 博多料亭稚加榮

Chikae is possibly the best choice in the mid-price range category. The interior is simply stunningly beautiful and comfortable with its warm lighting, wooden traditional design, and literally a pond with fish jumping at the very centre of the room of the first floor. You won't want to leave once you get there. It's the ideal place to have a Japanese feast and have a few drinks of sake in good company. For the food, you should try a seasonal course of "kaiseki ryori". This is a traditional meal which is served in many small portions. You do not get only sushi and sashimi but also all kinds of delicate appetizers. Also, the seasonal courses include the "ikizukuri" type of presentation, which means that the fish is presented in its original form. Seasonal courses start at ¥5,000. For lunch, there are some reasonably-priced options that will cost you around ¥2,000.

Naniwa Sushi 鮨なにわ

Sushi Naniwa serves incredibly fresh fish that comes directly from the fisherman. Seeing how this place is mostly frequented by locals, you know it's authentic and delicious. At this family-run restaurant, the staff speak English and are very helpful. The quality is unbeatable and excellent!

Kawatarou 河太郎

Kawatarou's specialty is squid and you sit right across from a pool where there are plenty of them swimming in it. Have you ever tried squid sashimi? It's very tender and ever so fresh! There is a variety of other delicious dishes to try. You can choose a course to try a bit of everything at a bargain(1.400-2,400 yen)!

Tsurukame Sushi 鶴亀寿司

Tsukurame Sushi is also very popular with locals, in fact, most customers are locals, yet it isn't overcrowded. The sushi is excellent, yet reasonably priced! You should definitely try the unagi. Even people who are very particular about sushi rave about this restaurant. No matter what you order, you can't go wrong.

FISHMAN 博多炉端 魚男

Fishman should definitely be on your list when in Fukuoka! The presentation of the dishes is sublime and the interior is modern so you would assume that it is an expensive restaurant, but it is quite reasonably-priced given the quality! Fishman, as you may have inferred is a restaurant which specializes in fish, and it's exquisite at that. The fish is incredibly fresh and can be eaten raw or it can be grilled before you.

Seimonbarai せいもん払い

Seimonbarai is a seafood restaurant which is sure to satisfy your craving. You can choose between grilled or raw fish, and you can also pick half portions of some dishes so that you get the chance to try many types of dishes. Halal customers are also bound to find something they love. It's a highly popular restaurant, so you might have to wait in line even on a weekday, but it's definitely worth the wait.

Zauo Honten 釣船茶屋 ざうお

Zauo Honten offers a completely unique experience where you can catch your own fish from the comfort of the restaurant! You can sit in a boat at the centre of the restaurant, and you then try to fish your own meal. It's a super fun experience, and most importantly, the fish is incredibly fresh and delicious. You can also have a set meal for about 1,100 to 3,000 yen.

Hakata Hyotei 博多表邸

Hakata Hyotei is a famous place to have tripe hotpot, chicken hotpot and chicken! You can also get the course and try a bit of everything. The squid and sashimi are particularly delicious! One of their famous dishes is tempura squid cooked in its own ink. It looks like molten lava and tastes heavenly.

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