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Want To Try Local Japanese Tempura And Soba Noodles? [PR]


Just-fried tempura and soba noodles are served at the restaurant, "Appare." This restaurant just opened on March 1st, and as their opening campaign, the two dinner time courses are offered with a 1000 yen discount.

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Tempura And Soba: A Combination Of Traditional Japanese Dishes

Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish of deep fried seafood or vegetables. Although you can eat tempura by itself, it is also common to eat it as a bowl or with soba noodles.
Soba noodles refer to thin noodles made from buckwheat flour.

At the restaurant "Appare," you can enjoy both tempura and soba noodles!

Tempura Soba Restaurant Opened On 3/1!

After a 3 minute walk from Takadanobaba Station in Tokyo, you can find a restaurant named "Tempura Soba Appare" on Sakae Street. During lunch time, they mainly serve soba noodles, and during dinner time the chef's course is the only menu.

After 9pm, they have a la carte dishes that you can order to snack on with your drink!
Inside the restaurant, there are only 12 counter seats. With a cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy your meal and drink while talking to the chef.

<Opening Campaign> 1000 Yen Discount For Dinner Course!

To celebrate the opening of the restaurant on 3/1, the two dinner courses are offered with a 1000 yen discount! Some dishes included in the course will be described below.
"Chef's Special Course" 4500 yen

Course includes:
- 2 Appetizers
- Sashimi
- Tempura (3 seafood tempura, 4 vegetable tempura)
- Soba noodles
- Dessert

The fish served in the course as sashimi is directly sent from the Tsukiji fish market, so you can enjoy fresh sashimi along with some tempura and soba noodles!
As the chef chooses the most fresh fish of the day, the fish used in the sashimi changes frequently. Not just the fish used, but sometimes the chef adds some flavor to the sashimi. In the image above, the chef flavored the sashimi with some sweet soy sauce, introducing the "Ryukyu style" of serving sashimi to customers.

A Combination Of Shabushabu and Sukiyaki?! Shabusuki Course

"Chef's Special Course" 6000 yen

This is another course served during dinner time, and is the same as the course introduced earlier, but the shabusuki is added to the course.

The meat used for the shabusuki is an Okinawa brand pork called "Kanjyukubuta." The characteristic of "Kanjyukubuta" is that there is a slight sweet taste to the meat. While shabu shabu is to boil meat and vegetables in water, shabusuki is to simmer the meat at vegetables in a soy sauce based soup.

You can enjoy your soba noodles with the soba soup or to mix the noodles with raw egg.

During dinner time, you can say how much soba noodles you want, and order more later if you want!

<Campaign description:>

Dinner time courses:
Chef's special 4500 yen course
Chef's special 6000 yen course

Chef's special 4500 yen course → 3500 yen
Chef's special 6000 yen course → 5000 yen

Campaign from 3/1 until end of May

Lunch Time Is A Good Chance To Enjoy Good Quality Soba At A Reasonable Price!

"Ita soba" 602 yen

There are 4 soba noodles in the lunch menu that you can choose from, and one of them is the "ita soba." This is the most simple soba noodle style, and noodles called "nihachi soba" is used. This means the noodles are made from 20% buckwheat and 80% wheat flour.

Enjoy the taste of the soba noodles with the chef's original soba soup!
"Juicy meat ita soba" (Nikujyuu ita soba) 788 yen

The "Kanjyukubuta" is used in the soba soup that you dip your soba noodles into. Enhoy the smell of buckwheat and the rich taste of the pork meat!
Assorted tempura" 371 yen

This tempura goes very well with the soba noodles. During lunch time you can order tempura to eat with your soba noodles! Two types of seafood tempura and three types of vegetable tempura is assorted onto a plate.

Now's The Only Chance To Eat The Opening Campaign Course!

If you want to eat high quality tempura and soba at a reasonable price, now is your chance! The opening campaign offered at the restaurant opened on 3/1,"Tempura Soba Appare" is only offered until the end of May!

<Campaign description:>

Dinner time courses:
Chef's special 4500 yen course
Chef's special 6000 yen course

Chef's special 4500 yen course → 3500 yen
Chef's special 6000 yen course → 5000 yen

Campaign from 3/1 until end of May

Enjoy The Perfect Combination Of Tempura And Soba Noodles!

This article introduced the newly opened restaurant "Tempura Soba Appare" located in Tokyo, Takadanobaba. As there are only 12 seats in the restaurant, it is recommended to go early before the seats get full! Take this great discount offer to enjoy good quality tempura and soba noodles!
Tempura Soba Appare

3-5-6 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 Minute walk from Takadanobaba station
TEL: 050-3188-1663
Lunch time: 11:30 〜 14:00 (Weekdays only)
Dinner time: 17:00 〜 23:00 (Monday- Saturday)
Price For Lunch: 650 yen 〜
Price For Dinner: 4500 yen 〜
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