Updated: November 07, 2018
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For A Whopping 360g Burger, Stop By Whoopi Goldburger In Shibuya, Tokyo!


Whoopi Goldburger in Shibuya serves up a 360g burger made with three meat patties! If you have a craving for burgers and have packed an appetite, come try the Charlotte Gainsburger!

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Whoopi Goldburger

Whoopi Goldburger is a 4-minute walk from Shibuya Station, in the Miyamasuzaka area.
If you have a craving for burgers and have packed an appetite, come try the Charlotte Gainsburger made with 3 patties! It's the perfect burger, and then some!

A Burger Lunch Set

On their lunch menu, you can choose between different types of burger sets, they all come with potatoes (french fries or mashed potatoes) and a drink.
For 100 yen more, you can change the potatoes for a salad.

A Burger Made of 390g of Meat... The Charlotte Gainsburger!

The Charlotte Gainsburger is 1,590 yen, and it comes with three layers of meat and of cheese!!

This super-size burger is made with three 130 g patties, for a whopping total of 390g of meat!
The classic Whoopi Goldburger is 930 yen (left).

The Charlotte Gainsburger (on the right) really appears massive compared to the classic burger.
Look at all those ingredients! It's made with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc.
The patties are simply made with salt and spices!
Wrapped in grease-proof paper, this makes the burger slightly easier to eat, but this monster is massive! The burger is made with Aussie beef and aims to recreate the texture of a steak.

The Recommended Side Dish: Home-Made Mashed Potatoes

When you think of burgers, you probably think of french fries, but this shop's specialty is mashed potatoes! They're super creamy and delicious, it'll make you wonder how this isn't the norm yet.


It's a great place to come for lunch, but it's open until 12 midnight, so you can come late at night for dinner as well!
If you're craving a well-made and hearty burger, stop by Whoopi Goldburger for a satisfying meal!
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