Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Best Reasonably-Priced Restaurants In Kyoto!

Kyoto City

Incredible restaurants in Kyoto does not have to equal blowing your budget, in fact, these restaurants are incredible and are moderately priced. You'll have a wonderful experience in an unforgettable city!

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Tempura Endo Yasaka (天ぷら八坂圓堂) [Tempura]

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy Japanese traditional decorations. Their tempura is freshly fried in the open kitchen and they have a variety of ingredients. You can put matcha salt on your tempura as well as the dipping sauce. The lunch course starts at 4000 yen and the dinner course at 10,000 yen. The restaurant slowly serves each carefully prepared dish one by one. They use fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Omen (おめん) [Udon]

Omen is a lovely traditional restaurant in Kyoto which serves the best homemade udon noodles you've ever had. While in Kyoto, you need to stop here at least for a uniquely Japanese experience. Victim to its own popularity, it might be necessary to wait in line to get a seat at this lovely resto. They don't have a very elaborate menu, however, whatever you might order here is unmistakenly delicious! The "omen" udon dish is ¥1,150. For ¥3,080 you can get a variety of 5 dishes, including a small portion of udon noodles. This is a great way to sample a variety of dishes. The duck udon is also highly recommended!

Yasakadori Enraku (八坂通り 燕楽) [Oden]

Yasakadori Enraku is a stunning restaurant in a traditional Japanese building. The restaurant specializes in "oden", which is a lightly flavored broth with different simmered ingredients, such as daikon, tofu, fish, etc. It's a lovely meal to have while in Japan and the best part is that the course isn't expensive (around 4,000). The best part is that while eating, you can enjoy a maiko show! This restaurant is particularly popular with travelers.

Teppan Tavern Tenamonya (鉄板居酒屋 祇園てなもんや) [Teppanyaki]

Teppan Tavern Tenamonya is a casual teppanyaki bar with super friendly staff. The couple who run the restaurant speak great English and are very welcoming. They serve teppanyaki cuisine (food cooked on an iron plate), you can have okonomiyaki or A5 quality beef. Everything is great, and the course is only about ¥3,000 - ¥4,000.

Katsu (お好み焼き克) [Okonomiyaki]

Katsu is an Okonomiyaki restaurant located 3 minutes away from Ryoanji station. It is located close to the world heritage Ryoanji, Ninnaji, Kinkakuji, and more. It is a super local and small restaurant with only two tables and 5 counter seats, but you can have real okonomiyaki here. You can enjoy different types of Okonomiyaki, such as modern yaki, negiyaki, and classical okonomiyaki. Enjoy different tastes of pan-fried dishes at Katsu. Each dish is only 500-730 yen each so you can really go all out!

Fortune Garden Kyoto [French]

Fortune Garden Kyoto is set in an incredibly beautiful historical building in Kyoto. There is even a garden at the centre of the resto, hence the name. Lunch is surprisingly affordable, you can have a lunch set for about 1,000 yen, or the Fortune Course for 2,500 yen (it comes with appetizers, soup, a main dish, dessert and a drink). The dinner course is also very reasonable, 3,200 yen for a share course or 5,500 yen for a special course.

Arash's Kitchen [Persian/Indian]

Arash's Kitchen is rated as the best Persian/Indian restaurant in Kyoto! They are a Halal restaurant, which also serves a lot of vegetarian dishes, such as stews and Indian curry. It's delicious and the service is outstanding. Lunch is about ¥1,000. They serve many kinds of kebab among other things. For dinner, you can choose between Indian and Persian dishes.

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