Updated: January 29, 2020
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10 BEST Vegetarian Restaurants In Tokyo!


If you want to try the vegetarian versions of some super popular Japanese cuisine, namely ramen and sushi, this is a food guide for you! You'll also find info on a Michelin-stared restaurant serving some Shojin Ryori (Zen Buddhist cuisine) and a sublime Indian vegetarian restaurant. Enjoy!

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Bonus Info: Vegan & Organic Food Tour in Tokyo

Before we give you our list of great vegetarian restaurants, here's a bit of bonus information about some great vegetarian foodie tours in Tokyo. Magical Trip offers some really fun food tours with a local that will make you discover those hard-to-find quaint izakayas and restaurants serving great foods and drinks that only a local can guide you to.

Gompachi Sushi Shibuya 権八鮨渋谷 (Shibuya)

Located on the 14th floor, Gompachi Sushi has a stunning night view of the city on top of having some of the most sought-after vegetarian nigiri sushi in Tokyo. The place is not a vegetarian restaurant but they are very particular about their vegetables and have created this special vegan sushi platter that everyone can enjoy. The price is ¥1,300. Enjoy the natural sweetness and simplicity of their colourful vegetarian sushi (includes Japanese ginger, avocado, sprouts, mushroom, etc.). Aside from the sushi, try out their rich homemade tofu (¥540) or their "sora mame" (broad beans, ¥600) for a more complete meal. These are all worth the try even if you don't follow normally a vegetarian diet. There are many more choices of delicate dishes made from seasonal vegetable available.
Located at an 8-minute from the Shibuya station.

Mominoki House モミノキハウス (Shibuya)

Mominoki House serves beautiful vegan dishes, such as the vegan sushi pictured above that are made with brown rice. Also located in Shibuya, this restaurant has amazing food, great service, and is reasonably priced too! You should try the vegetarian "karaage" (fried chicken) too, in this case, it's made of mock chicken. Lunch is between ¥1,000-1,500, and the dinner course is ¥4,000. This restaurant has a Japanese hipster kind of vibe.

Shirokanedai Sushicho 白金台すし兆 (Meguro)

This restaurant is another one that is not vegetarian but takes particular care in selecting really good quality vegetables and making some vegetable sushi. Some of them contain eggs so not everything is vegan. An assortment of 8 is ¥2,160. Aside from the sushi, you'll enjoy a comfortable traditional Japanese ambiance at the tatami seats or horigotatsu tables (low tables with a hole underneath for resting your legs). Enjoy there some good sake and shochu.
Located about a 10-minute walk from the Meguro station or a 5-minute walk from the Shirokanedai station.

Afuri 阿夫利 (Harajuku)

Afuri is a ramen joint with a couple of branches across Tokyo (Roppongi, Ebisu, Nakameguro, Sangenjaya). The branch in Harajuku is the most popular because of its central location in one of Tokyo's busiest shopping district. It has some really amazing vegetarian and vegan ramen options that you should try if you are in the area. Packed with seasonal veggies, the broth with lots of natural mushroom and vegetable umami is simply one of the best.
Located a 3-minute walk from the Harajuku station or a 5-minute walk from the Meijijingumae station.

Sora no Iro ソラノイロ (Hanzomon)

This place serves vegetarian and vegan veggie ramen! You order by purchasing a ticket from a vending machine, so you don't have to worry about communicating in Japanese. This place is also on the Michelin Guide so it tells a lot about how good it is. If you are curious what vegetable ramen tastes like, don't miss this place!
Located a 4-minute walk from the Hanzomon station.

T's Tantan (Tokyo Station)

Another vegan ramen place in Tokyo! This place is inside Keiyo Street, in the Tokyo station, so very easy to access. They mainly serve noodles and ramen, but they also have various veggie side dishes. If you are at Tokyo station and you are looking for somewhere to eat, don't forget this place.

Loving Hut (Ochanomizu/Jimbocho)

If you're in a dilemma between deciding on going either to a vegetarian sushi place or a vegetarian ramen joint, this is the place to go because they serve both. Problem solved. Their vegan sushi even contains some mock squid which is pretty darn impressive. Another thing to note is that it's a Taiwanese restaurant, and they serve vegan dim sum too!
Located about a 7 to 10-minute walk from Ochanomizu and Jimbocho stations.

Itosho いと正 (Azabujuban) - Michelin-Stared Buddhist Cuisine

Itosho serves what is called in Japanese Shojin Ryori (精進料理) which is a type of cuisine that was developed mainly by monks practicing Zen Buddhism in Kyoto. They have entirely vegetarian courses of some strikingly original that use soy, matcha green tea and a plethora of seasonal Japanese fruits vegetables as primary ingredients. Shojin is served in multiple small and aesthetically beautiful dishes. The arrangement of the colours and the coordination with the plates is just as important as the taste of the food itself. A pleasure for all the senses, this is a must-try for those who want to dive deeper into Japanese food culture. Courses are around ¥5,000 for lunch and ¥10,000 for dinner.
Please note that due to the popularity of this restaurant, a reservation is mandatory. Located at a 5-minute walk from the Azabujuban station.

Tera Cafe 寺カフェ (Daikanyama)

Tera Cafe is also monk cuisine-inspired but at a way more affordable price. Most dishes are below ¥1,000. A popular choice is the Buddha bowl, which is a bowl of rice with a mountain of vegetable toppings. What's nice here is that they also serve some amazing desserts! Try one of their Japanese parfaits made from traditional ingredients and matcha soft serve ice cream. As you might expect, the decor is pretty Zen. The name of the place literally means "temple cafe". It's decorated with multi-coloured Buddhist flags in front of the window so you shouldn't have any problem to spot it.

Nataraj ナタラジ (Ginza)

For Indian vegetarian cuisine, this is the place of choice for many connoisseurs. There are so many good Indian restaurants in Tokyo, and this one is one of the best! There are so many types of dishes to choose from. The curry is, of course, excellent and is dangerously addictive when you eat it with the freshly baked naan bread. What is most awesome is that they have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that is only ¥1,130 (90 minutes) which includes 4 types of curry and many salads and side dishes. The cuisine is southern Indian, but it isn't too spicy. A must-try regardless if you are vegetarian or not.
Located a 5-minute walk from the JR Ginza station.

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