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Here's The Low Down On 11 of the Best Buffets In Tokyo!


Here's where to enjoy some of the best buffets in Tokyo! Yakiniku buffets, Indian vegetarian buffets, sweets buffet, breakfast buffets... we got you covered!

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Rokkasen (六歌仙) [Shinjuku]

Rokkasen is a "shabu-shabu", "yakiniku" and "sukiyaki" restaurant in Shinjuku. All of those are meals you cook yourself, "shabu shabu" and "sukiyaki" are cooked in a broth, whereas "yakiniku" is cooked on a grill. All of them being delicious! They were awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor three consecutive years.
And they were the best-rated restaurant in Shinjuku, out of 7,490 restaurants that's incredible! The all-you-can-eat yakiniku course where you get all the delicious meat you can eat, which you then grill on the BBQ at your table. It's a really fun, convivial activity. And it goes so perfectly well with beer! Both the shabu shabu and yakiniku all-you-can-eat course start at 7,700 yen! It is well worth it!

Nabezo (鍋ぞう) [All Over Tokyo]

Nabezo has 16 branches in Tokyo alone, this super popular restaurant serves all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sukiyaki. They use top quality beef, and vegetables from Japan, also they don't use and MSG's or additives.
Lunch starts at ¥1, 600 (it includes meat, vegetables, rice and noodles).
Dinner starts at ¥2,600 (unlike lunch, it includes dessert).
Both are quite a good deal given they are all-you-can-eat, and shabu shabu tends to be pricey elsewhere in Tokyo!

re:Dine Ginza (Weekends and Holidays Only)

Centrally located in fashionable Ginza (1-minute walk from the C8 exit of Ginza station), re:Dine GINZA is now offering a delightful holiday lunch buffet (available on weekends and national holidays only).

Order a main dish from ¥1,980 (taxes not included) and you can enjoy all-you-can-eat fresh salads and side dishes from the buffet (which includes around 50 items)!

Main dishes that you can order include:
Rare Cuts of Japanese Beef Cooked Sous-vide + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥2,480, taxes not included)
With this dish, you get two slices of beef totalling 100 grams. Not only is it Japanese beef known internationally for its quality, but the cuts used here especially rare (including chuck tender, H-bone). The meat is very tender and, to give it even more natural savouriness, a light gravy sauce made from the juices of the meat during cooking is added on top.
Wagyu Ramen + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥1,980, taxes not included)
You're likely never to have had ramen of this quality! The soup is light, yet umami-packed from a mixture of chicken and fish stock, and the toppings include nothing less than cuts of wagyu cooked sous-vide. This is a must-try for any ramen lover.

VIEW & DINING THE Sky (ビュー&ダイニング ザ・スカイ) [Akasaka]

HE Sky is a restaurant located on the 17th floor of a nice hotel, "Hotel New Otani" in Akasaka, Tokyo. Just a 3-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke or Nagatacho station.
What makes them special is they are a revolving restaurant. You can enjoy the 360 degree view from the 17th floor in the middle of Tokyo. No need to mention, the view is so amazing. You can see Tokyo's landmarks like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky tree while having delicious dishes. The concept of the restaurant is you choose from the delicious ingredients and the chef cooks it before your eyes. Teppanyaki, sushi, pasta, desserts? You name it.

Kagurazaka Sushi Academy (神楽坂すしアカデミー) [Kagurazaka]

This restaurant is a part of the Tokyo Sushi Academy, and the young chefs working here are actually students learning the art of sushi. As their skills aren't yet fully polished, the price of the sushi is very reasonable, despite the good quality of the ingredients used. The prices are as follows:

Weekday Lunch
Time Limit:90 Minutes 
Fee:Men ¥3,480 Women ¥2,980

Dinner and Weekend Lunch
Time Limit:120 Minutes 
Fee:Men ¥3,780 Women ¥3,380

Jurin (All day Dining) (オールデイダイニング<樹林>) [Shinjuku]

Jurin located in the Keio Plaza Hotel, is a beautiful restaurant open almost all day, from 5 am to midnight. They offer international food, a mix of Western and Asian meals. There is a breakfast buffet from 1,900 yen and a sweets buffet from 3,800 yen. The theme for the buffet changes seasonally, until June 30th 2018, the theme is Beauty & the Beast!

Marugoto Hokkaido (まるごと北海道 浅草店) [Asakusa]

If you're a fan od crab, you've got to try delicious Japanese crab from Hokkaido! 'Marugoto Hokkaido' is a restaurant in Tokyo's Asakusa neighborhood where you can enjoy 3 kinds of Hokkaido crabs: Kegani, Tarabagani, and Zuwaigani in an all-you-can-eat buffet!

The price for this Hokkaido crab bonanza is a whopping 16,800 yen per person for a 90-minute all-you-can-eat buffet, which is pricey, but worth it! Hokkaido crabs are quite expensive, so it's actually a good deal if you have a healthy appetite.

French Kitchen (フレンチ キッチン) [Roppongi]

Only a few minutes from Roppongi station, this restaurant wasn't the easiest to find although it's at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. What is better than a delicious mix of savoury and sweet treats on a terrace on a beautiful Sunday? The breakfast buffet is served from 6:30- 10:30 AM and starts from 2,500 yen. There is also an afternoon tea buffet, which changes seasonally. It is really incredible! You can also try their lunch or brunch buffet.

Taiko Chaya (たいこ茶屋) [Bakurocho]

At lunchtime, this amazing restaurant offers an unbelievable all-you-can-eat sashimi buffet for just ¥1,200!
Taiko Chaya starts serving the lunch buffet at 11:30 am. The restaurant hands out tickets to people who wait in line with a time that they can go inside. If you decide to go on the same day, waiting is inevitable, and sometimes you might not be able to get in at all.

However, if you make a reservation over the phone, groups of 3 or more people can get in without having to wait in line. Reserving will cost an extra ¥200 per person, but it is probably worth it to avoid waiting! Check the link below to get help reserving if you don't speak Japanese.
'Taiko Chaya' is located just one minute from the C4 Exit of JR Bakurocho Station. The shop is easy to spot by the large metal fish above the doorway.

Marble Lounge (マーブルラウンジ) [Shinjuku]

On the first floor of the Hilton Hotel Tokyo, the Marble Lounge offers a Strawberry dessert buffet from 14:30-19:30.
It is ¥3,800 from Monday to Friday (and ¥2,400 for children) and ¥3,920 on Saturday-Sunday and holidays (¥2,450 for children).
The ingredients are fresh and the decorations are really impressive. There is a wide variety of desserts to choose from and they're great. Until June 30th, it is the psychedelic strawberry dessert buffet.
There is also a lunch and brunch buffet available and it starts from 4,100 yen.

Milan Nataraji (ミランナタラジ) [Shibuya]

It is very well located in the heart of Shibuya. You can try any curry as they are all vegetarian. It also offers a cheaply-priced lunch buffet. All the more reasons to enjoy this lovely little restaurant. Their lunch buffet is 1,080 yen and they offer four types of curry, homemade naan, salad, rice, and dessert. The best part is it's all vegetarian.

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