Updated: November 07, 2018
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Japanese Tea Prepared Before Your Eyes And Mouth-Watering Sweets In Tokyo!

There are the best tea shops in Tokyo to enjoy Japanese tea with Japanese sweets. After having visited one of these shops, you'll definitely be moved by how delicate, yet intricate Japanese desserts are and by the care with which Japanese tea is prepared.

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Ippodo Tea (一保堂) [Marunouchi]

Ippodo Tea Co. is originally from Kyoto, but now has branches in Tokyo and even New York! Customers can come in to buy tea or they can also come in for a tea class and a tea room! It is definitely on the high-end side, but it is a worthy experience. A matcha set with dessert start at 1,300 yen.

Sakurai (櫻井焙茶研究所) [Minamiaoyama]

Sakurai is stunning tea shop with a sleek, yet traditional interior. There you will have the most exquisite and refined tea experience. The staff will carefully prepare for you the tea you selected, you can also have a tea tasting or even a tea-inspired cocktail. It is recommended to make a reservation before hand.

Aoyama Flower Market (青山フラワーマーケットティーハウス 南青山本店) [Aoyama]

This wonderful cafe has flower shops all around Tokyo, and three cafes: in Aoyama, Kichijohi and Akasaka. They serve delicious herbal tea and desserts. Not only are they delicious, but the presentation is beautiful. They also have lunch and dinner. Here you will be eating while surrounded by pleasing flowers. We recommend going outside of peak hours if you want to avoid the queue.

Peak Lounge (ピークラウンジ) [Shinjuku]

The Peak Lounge is a stunning space located on the 41st floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. There is a big glass atrium which lets in the light and when the sun sets, it just as stunning. Afternoon tea is about 4,000 yen per person and you get to try the seasonal specialties. The service is impeccable and the treats are delicious!

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM (アフタヌーンティー・ティールーム) [Shibuya & Other Locations]

Afternoon Tea is a cute shop which serves nice tea sets. There are savoury dishes as well if you want to have something filling before tea and desserts. You should definitely try the scones!

Nomu Cafe (Nicolai Bergmann) [Minamiaoyama]

Nicolai Bergmann is a flower cafe with branches all over Japan and even in Seoul! The place in itself is stunning. The food is served on glass tables with flowers inside. Not only is it really visually appealing and appeasing, but the food and drinks are great. The brunch set on weekends is really nice! It can quite busy, so it might be good to make a reservation ahead of time.

Saryo (東京茶寮) [Setagaya]

Saryo is a beautiful cafe with a sleek interior where you can come enjoy carefully prepared green tea. You can get a sweets and tea set for 1,300 yen, you can also get tea leaves to enjoy at home. The cafe itself has a purified style where you can come, wind down and escape Tokyo's busy streets.

Higashiya (ヒガシヤギンザ) [Ginza]

In the spirit of Japanese elegance, this space offers both simplicity and elegance. Higashiya Ginza offers a unique Japanese afternoon tea experience. Afternoon tea consists of two plates: one savoury and one sweet. It is a light meal, and both the presentation and the taste is incredible. It is ¥6,000.

CHASEN [Suginami]

Chasen serves high-grade Japanese tea from Kyoto. You can try it in a variety of ways, such as an ice cream float, wagashi with tea (Japanese sweets) and ice cream. Matcha is ice cream is all kinds of delicious, but if you want to try something new, the houjicha ice cream is heavenly. Houjicha is roasted green tea so it gives a nice exotic flavour you maybe never had before.

Urasando Garden (裏参道ガーデン) [Jingumae]

Urasando Garden in Shibuya is a must-visit space if you want a feel of a more traditional Japan. The house is divided into different shops and restos, which of course includes Urasando Garden. The 'raindrop' cake is absolutely beautiful and delicious. It is the most delicate dessert you'll ever have and it is served by a very kind owner.

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