Updated: November 07, 2018
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The 5 Most Sublime Cake Cafes In Tokyo!


For those who are looking for a peaceful moment in a nice cafe while eating some world-class cakes, this list is for you! We found the best cakes Tokyo has to offer. From cheesecakes to chocolate cakes to macarons and mousse cakes, there's a little bit of everything for everyone! Enjoy!

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Higemi Sugino [Ginza]

You'll be blown away by this pastry chef's cake in Ginza. Higemi Sugino is a decorated chef that has won the most prestigious awards around the world including the French "Coupe du Monde de la pâtisserie" for his 1991 "Ambroisie" mousse cake pictured above. The Ambroisie is still served at this Ginza shop, and what's surprising is that it's just ¥760! At that price for a world-class pastry, no wonder people are making long queues to get their chance taste the sublime creations of the mousse magician. The shop opens at 11 AM. A good way to get in fairly quickly is to start get in line before it opens!
You can easily walk there from the Ginza station. The nearest station is the Kyobashi station (exit 2).

Pierre Herme Paris [Aoyama]

Pierre Herme is one of the most reputable patissier chefs in the world so with that said, be prepared to have some of the finest sweets you can have in Tokyo! The place is particularly popular with women. It has a refined interior and the pastries from the mille-feuilles to the macarons are just so delicate and a total pleasure for the palate with their variations in texture and the use of top quality seasonal ingredients that bring out all kinds of natural subtle tastes that blend too well together.

a tes souhaits! [Kichijoji]

"A tes souhaits!" serves some of the most mind-blowing Mont-Blanc cakes in Japan. Although everything is excellent because everything is prepared by master patissiers (they also serve amazing ice cream), the Mont-Blanc is definitely their claim to fame. It's huge! Made with Japanese chestnuts, and a more than generous amount of cream filling and chestnut paste topped on a meringue. The chestnut paste is quite sweet but the whipped cream isn't so the two elements balance each other out for the perfect taste.
This place is simply a must-go! The downside is that it's quite far from any station (15-min walk from the Kichijoji or Nishi-Ogikubo stations) but is quite worth the detour.

AWORKS Cheese Cake [Meguro]

The cheesecakes here are probably the kind of colourful rainbow cakes you dreamt of when you were a kid. They have a glazy surface and a super fluffy and rich inside. You can put some lemon juice on them to change the taste. The acidity balances out the sweetness in just the right way. The "Rainbow Cake" shown above is ¥480. It has six layers of colours but the taste is the same. There are plenty of other choices that are just as enticing. One piece might not be enough!
Located very near the Gakugei Daigaku station.

Ken's Cafe Tokyo (Gluten Free) [Shinjuku, Yotsuya]

The cafe boasts that it's desserts are made from a unique superior kind of chocolate. Perhaps you know the Italian company Domori, a very-well regarded chocolate company that creates superior quality products without the use of lecithin or artificial flavourings. Well, the founder of Domori is actually the one who mixes the chocolate for Ken's Cafe in Tokyo! The result is supreme, exquisite gluten-free chocolate cakes that aren't too sweet and are rich with natural flavors. The key to making such a perfect gluten-free cake is to use only top-quality ingredients, most of which are produced domestically.
Located a 2-minutes walk from the Shinjuku-Gyoenmae station.


What's surprising about these places is that they aren't even that expensive considering that they are creations of the best chefs in the world! If the best cakes in Tokyo aren't enough for you, how about some pancakes?

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