Updated: November 07, 2018
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Where To Have The Best Tapas in Tokyo!


If you're looking for a nice place to unwind with friends after work or a place to have a few drinks before heading for dinner, you should try out these amazing restos!

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Tapas Molecular Bar (タパス モラキュラーバー) [Nihonbashi]

Tapas Molecular Bar is in Nihonbashi, on the 38th floor of the Oriental Lounge, near the Mitsukoshimae station. This restaurant is probably the most impressive in terms of presentation and surprise-factor!
This restaurant only has eight seats and is a one-Michelin starred restaurant. This is a two hour experience, where the chef slowly serves you bite-sized dishes that will stimulate the eyes and the palate.
The course starts at ¥17,000 and offers a variety of small dishes.

Cicada (シカダ) [Minamiaoyama]

The resort-like restaurant gives out a colonial European ambiance rooted in local communities. The choice of furniture and interior will make you feel as if you are on holiday near the Mediterranean Ocean.CICADA's cuisines consist of dishes representative of the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries. You'll find on the menu everything from hummus and Lebanese mezze to tagines (beef, lamb or fish) from Morocco, and other Mediterranean delicacies. CICADA also has a vegetarian menu.

Rigoletto Bar and Grill

Rigoletto is a casual dining experience where Italian & Spanish meets American dining. You can order a few plates with a glass of wine to share with friends, for example, the shrimp quesadilla, the braised octopus, the squid black ink sauce, etc. You can order a lot of dishes since the tapas are only 500 yen each. They have different recommendations, such as fried foods, dishes that go well with wine or dishes with lots of veggies. It's a very spacious place with bar seats or tables.

Cedros (シドロス) [Daikanyama]

Cedros is an award-winning restaurant which has a very modern and sleek atmosphere. It is the perfect setting for a night out with friends and the bar is a great place to sit with a date. They specialize in Californian seafood and that is why walking in you will feel like you stepped into a West Coast stylish restaurant. You can order the course which is ¥6000 per person and ¥3000 more for a wine pairing, or you can order a few appetizers in order many different dishes. The uni crostini is a must-try! It is sliced baguette topped with sea urchin and tomato sauce.

Gottsui Roppongi (お好み焼・鉄板焼 ごっつい) [Roppongi]

Gotssui is an okonomiyaki and teppanyaki restaurant which has a very fun and lively atmosphere. It is not the type of place which comes to mind when you think of tapas, but why not try lots of tasty Japanese dishes with friends. You're bound to have an amazing time and you'll want to go again. You can order a few okonomiyaki dishes which you can see the chef making right before your eyes. It's a great dish to try and you can order different flavors as well as some side dishes, and of course beer!

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