Updated: August 06, 2018
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Where To Have The Best Sushi Experience in Tokushima (For All Budgets)

Tokushima City

Here are the most talked about sushi restaurants in Tokushima, from conveyor belt sushi to high-end sushi restaurants, you will find the perfect place to go and have delicious sushi!

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Sakaezushi (栄寿司)

The truth is high-end sushi in Japan isn't necessarily expensive! There are some local gems that you might come across that offer really outstanding sushi at a mind-boggling cheap price. This is the case for Sakae Sushi. The owners are particular about the type of Japanese sake and spirits, and of course fish they serve and only serve the best.

Kura Sushi (くら寿司)

Kura Sushi is a conveyor belt type sushi restaurant near Gotemba Station. Most of their dishes are 100 yen, even the more expensive fish like tuna and "uni" (sea urchin). They have other types of dishes that are suitable for children, such as curry. They have so much choice, you can order all types of delicious desserts, and finish with your meal with a nice latte. Ha!

Sanpei Sushi (三平寿し)

The price-quality of this Sanpei Sushi is amazing! For around ¥4,000-¥5,000 yen you get a huge portion of thickly sliced fresh sashimi. If you would like to try eel, this place has some incredibly fresh and delicious eel bowls. The rice and eel are simply exquisite and blend together so harmoniously!

Sushiro (スシロー)

Sushiro is a conveyor belt sushi type of restaurant so this means tasty sushi for super cheap. So pile up those plates and try all kinds of interesting sushi, even some unusual ones, such as a Japanese beef steak sushi or salmon with a slice of camembert on top. They also have a mean selection of tasty desserts. Yum!

Kouraku Sushi (幸楽寿し)

Kouraku Sushi serves great quality sushi at a very affordable price, it's no wonder it's so popular. You can get a premium lunch set for around 2,000 yen with a sushi plate, chawanmushi, miso soup and dessert. There is also a sushi plate for 1,000 yen. The dinner courses are between 4,500- 6,000 yen, which is also a great deal for this kind of sushi place.

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