Updated: March 15, 2019
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Tea Houses To Check Out While In Okinawa


Okinawa is known for its longevity, in fact, it has the highest number of centenarians in the world. Their lifestyle, eating habits and Okinawa tea are the reasons people have such long life expectancies. You should try some Okinawa tea in Okinawa, you can also bring some back for your loved ones.

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Rikuyu (リクユ)

Rikuyu is a tea distributor as well as a tea salon in Okinawa. You can try a variety of delicious tea leaves. They have a lot of fruity teas that are very refreshing during Okinawa's hot summers!

Tea House Ichiyou (茶房一葉)

This restaurant is a wonderful place to have a nice afternoon tea service. The owner is very friendly and welcoming and is also very knowledgeable about tea. They serve tea from all over the world.

Cafe Cahaya Bulan

Cafe Cahaya Bulan is a stunning cafe in Okinawa with a breath-taking view of the ocean. It is difficult to ask for anything more. But, they also offer great food, making this place a must-visit on the list. They have really nice sweets and tea sets. There is an interesting tea variety, among which are Okinawa teas.

The British Wine and Tea Shop

The British Wine and Tea Shop is an amazing place to visit. You will be greeted by John and Maki, a very friendly couple who are now established in Okinawa. You can come in for lunch, and they also have some amazing afternoon tea with freshly made scones and tea. It's such a comforting and lovely experience, you'll want to go again...and you will!

Afternoon Tea Tearoom (アフタヌーンティー・ティールーム)

This resto doesn't specialize in Okinawa tea, but if you're in the mood for some delicious afternoon tea and sweets, you should check this place out. Afternoon Tea is a cute shop which serves nice tea sets. There are savoury dishes as well if you want to have something filling before tea and desserts. You should definitely try the scones!

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