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Cafe Benisica, The Inventor of The Pizza Toast, Has Some Amazing Drinks Too!


Only 3 minutes from Hibiya Station, Cafe Benisica, is an old cafe that's been around since 1957. You can have pizza toast as it was originally served when it first arrived in Japan! You should also try the "devil's flames" which is an incredible drink which is made surrounded by fire!

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Cafe Benisica, a traditional Japanese cafe since in 1957

Cafe Benisica is a traditional Japanese cafe which opened in 1957. They are famous for being the inventors of the pizza toast in Japan!
It's only 3 minutes away from Hibiya Station or 4 minutes away from Yurakucho Station.
This restaurant has the retro ambience of a traditional Japanese coffee shop. It's the type of place where you feel you might run into a novelist who came here to finish a short story.

You're probably as curious as I am about this restaurant's super famous toast, which they claim to have invented, as well as the "devil's flames", with a name like that it is sure to pique your interest!

All that cheese and that chewy bread, it's no wonder it caught on!

Cafe Benisica is the first to have served the pizza toast in Japan.
At a period where most "kissatens" (Japanese traditional coffee shops) were not serving food, Cafe Benisica was the first to come up with the pizza toast.
The toast is served with tons of melted Dutch cheese. They serve the dish with a fork and a knife, but it has already been cut up if you want to eat it as is.

The chewy bread and melted cheese combination will surely get you hooked! Under the cheese, there are some bell peppers, onions, bacon, etc.

Apparently, one person out of two visiting the cafe order this super popular dish!

Devil's flames...?

On the coffee menu, you can order the "devil's flames" which is Blue Mountain coffee, and...?
Let's order this mysterious drink and see for ourselves!
The drink is made with spiralled lemon peel.

The staff walked up to me and asked: "are you ready for your demon?".
I have to say it caught me a little by surprise. "Oh, the demon's flame? Sure, I'm ready." Am I though? I had no idea what to expect. Was I scared or excited? More of the latter, but a little bit of the first too.
The staff started saying one by one that they would turn off the lights.
The devil's flames is definitely an attraction at the restaurant.

Oh, I thought, I definitely ordered something interesting and there's no going back now, as the cafe turned pitch black and the staff set fire to some brandy.
The staff starts pouring the flaming brandy along the lemon peel. And the refreshing smell of the lemon slowly spreads across the room.
As the blue flames are dripping and dancing around the cup, you will get hypnotized by this magical show.
The freshly prepared coffee has a scent of lemon and the sweetness of the brandy. The drink was invented for the customer's enjoyment!
There are other coffee drinks you can come enjoy as well.
When you stop by, you should definitely try this drink for yourself.


It's a little hard to imagine that in such a retro cafe, you can have such instagramable menu items!
Come by Cafe Benisica to try all the menu items that are unique to this cafe!
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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