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Tokyo Akasaka Yabu Soba Serves Traditional And Elegant Soba Dishes


Tokyo Akasaka Yabu Soba is directly connected to Akasaka Station and is in the Akasaka Biz tower. The interior is relaxing and you can also reserve private rooms so it is a great place for a business lunch or dinner. The buckwheat flour for the soba is ground in the store so it has an enticing smell of buckwheat and sesame oil for the tempura as you enter the restaurant.

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From Akasaka Station, you can head to this traditional restaurant to have amazing soba

Tokyo Akasaka Yabu Soba is inside Akasaka Biz Tower and directly connected to Akasaka Station.
The founder of Kanda Yabu Soba was working for a famous traditional soba restaurant until he opened his own.

You can eat traditional soba that hasn't changed since it's opening

Seirou Soba 700 yen
At Akasaka Yabu Soba, the buckwheat is ground on-site every day. The soba has a fresh and flavorful taste you cannot find at most other soba restaurants.
The sauce is made with kombu and bonito flakes which really brings out a deep umami flavour.
Tempura Seirou Soba 2,000 yen
This menu classic made a reappearance due to its popularity.
This "kakiage tempura" is made with small shrimps and vegetables and is then placed in a warm broth. The thick dashi and the crunchy tempura are made for each other, no wonder it had a revival.

Which dishes to enjoy with some Japanese sake

Dashi and fried rolled egg (small 500 yen, large 700 yen)

A standard dish to order at a soba restaurant is dashi fried rolled egg.
Before getting your soba dish, you can enjoy this super fluffy omelette with some Japanese sake.
The dashi they use is the same as for the soba.
Tenchira 1,700 yen
This tempura assortment plate is served with seasonal ingredients, such as shrimp, white fish, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, etc.
It is served with salt and tsuyu which complement the tempura perfectly.
Aiyaki 1,200 yen
This dish is prepared with domestically grown "aigamo" which is a cross between wild and domestic ducks. The meat is grilled and simply served with salt because the taste on its own is superb. It is a great dish to eat before your soba to enjoy with some sake.

If you don't know what to order...

Edokomachi 1,800 yen
Akasaka Yabu Soba's menu has a really wide array of choices and it could almost seem overwhelming. If you don't know what to order, this set could be the perfect item to order. It has three types of soba, a small tempura assortment and even a dessert.

The perfect Japanese sake pairing

A glass of Kikumasamune 720 yen
This sake is the perfect pairing for soba and vegetable dishes. It is served directly from the barrel so it has a very crisp and refreshing taste.
You can also order whatever drink you please, such as whiskey and wine.
Since it is a soba restaurant, you can also order soba hot water with shochu. You have to try it at least once.

There are also private rooms

For a business meeting or a comfortable dinner, you can also ask for a private room. The room can be prepared for 3 to 10 people at no additional charge.

A renovated interior; an unchanged taste of refinement

For a business meeting, a date or a small gathering, you should give Asakasa Yabu Soba a try!
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