Updated: November 07, 2018
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Menya Hashimoto: Outstanding Ramen In Nakano, Tokyo!


At an 8-minute walk from the Nakano Station, Menya Hashimoto serves ramen made with an excellent balance of meat and fish broth. Some people say they could eat it every day. Find out more about this popular ramen joint you should try when you are in Nakano, Tokyo.

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Menya Hashimoto

Menya Hashimoto is located at about an 8-minute walk from the Nakano Station. You can also get there from the Araiyakushimae Station or the Numabukuro Station of the Seibu Shinjuku Line. The ramen shopkeeper learned from one of the most reputable ramen joints in Tokyo before opening Menya Hashimoto in 2017.

A ramen with lots of chashu pork, and rich-flavored soft boiled eggs

Deluxe Ramen 特製らー麺 [¥950]
The deluxe version pictured above has three slices of chashu pork instead of one in the regular. It also has one extra slice of soft boiled egg. The regular ramen is ¥750.

Deluxe Ramen

The secret to a succulent ramen is often in the broth. This one is made of a blend of pork bones, chicken, shrimp, squid, seasonal fish and soy sauce! It has a seafood taste that is more pronounced and the meat flavours add some more deepness to the umami. It's rich, yet not too oily so you can drink it to the last drop!
The noodles are straight, slightly on the thick side and quite chewy. They go perfectly well with the soup. Any ramen lover will recognize the good match.
The chashu is made from Canadian pork that is sliced right before being served to prevent oxidation. It is simmered until it gets to be really tender.
The soft boiled egg was also cooked in a savoury broth so its rich in taste too! Cooked just the right amount of time, the yolk has the perfect creamy texture.
They also serve a spicy version of their ramen that are really good too! You can ask to get the Chili pepper paste in a different plate so that you can adjust the level of spiciness. What some people do is order the spicy ramen which can come with the Chili paste on the side. They start eating the ramen without the Chili paste and then add it halfway through to change the taste.


This is really a stand out ramen joint that is already really popular even though it has been around for just over a year. It's definitely worth the try. The shopkeeper runs his joint alone and serves every day about 100 people. Sometimes he runs out of ramen and has to close earlier than his regular business hours. It's that good! The restaurant is pretty small and has only counter seats. Menya Hashimoto in Nakano is definitely worth the try!
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