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15 of the popular restaurants in Ginza you need to try!


Ginza has a high concentration of luxurious stores and restaurants. It is renown for its fine dining and for its high-end shopping areas. While wandering the streets of Ginza, here are the places you definitely need to try, all price ranges included (from cheapest to most expensive).

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re:Dine Ginza

Re:Dine GINZA is Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant. It offers a coworking space to five different talented chefs to try out some innovative cuisine. You can enjoy some original creations of every genre for lunch or dinner and they have excellent desserts too. The chefs change periodically so you're bound to make interesting discoveries at every visit. During lunch time it has a nice cafe vibe whereas if you go for dinner, it has more of a dining bar atmosphere.

Haneda Ichiba Ginza 7

Ginza abounds in sushi restaurants, but this one stands out for its super fresh "neta" (toppings of the sushi) and comparatively reasonable price. While other restaurants (including very pricey ones) get their ingredients through slower distribution systems that go through Tsukiji or Toyosu markets and other intermediaries, Haneda Ichiba Ginza Seven flies in the fish from all parts of Japan. This means you can literally have on your plate some sashimi that was caught on the very same day!

See the link below for more information.

Kobe Plaisir Ginza

Kobe Beef stands out as one of Japan's most iconic delicacies, and that says a lot in a country with such a rich and diverse cuisine.

To experience the sublime taste of this legendary beef, then Kobe Plaisir Ginza should most definitely be a place to consider visiting. They specialize specifically in Kobe Beef cooked teppanyaki style.

You can enjoy the precious delicacy as part of a course or à la carte. For instance, the 200g Kobe Beef Sirloin is ¥20,000 and there is a course that includes a piece of 120g for ¥16,800.

The restaurant is just a few steps away from the A3 exit of Ginza subway station (Ginza line, Marunouchi line, Hibiya line), on the top floor of Ginza Place. Upon entry, the spacious atmosphere, stylish clean-lined design, and warm lighting will sooth you.


The 2020 Tokyo Michelin guide was released in November and a total of 22 ramen restaurants were selected to appear in it. Among those, one of the most surprising was 'Chuka Soba Ginza Hachigo,' which had been open for less than a full year!

The thing that makes 'Ginza Hachigo' special is the way that it is made.
The soup contains no 'tare' (flavoring that is usually mixed with the broth in the bottom of the bowl), which is almost unheard of in the ramen world!
Despite the lack of tare, the soup has an amazingly delicious flavor that can be attributed to the chef's French training.

The soup base is made from duck and Nagoya Cochin, a premium type of chicken from Aichi prefecture. The base is rested overnight before being re-boiled with the inclusion of Italian prosciutto. This adds the needed saltiness to the soup that would normally come from the tare.

Annam Indian Restaurant

Annam, located in chic Ginza, is a good place to fill up after a day of shopping! It is also a good restaurant to bring a vegetarian and non-vegetarian group of friends; everyone will find something they love. In fact, they cater to those on a vegetarian, vegan and also Halal diet.
The lunch set is between ¥900-¥1280, and the dinner set is ¥1,850.

Kushiyaki Bistro Fukumimi (串焼BISTRO 福みみ)

Bistro Fukumimi is an Izakaya and yakitori restaurant in Ginza. You might not think much of this resto when first walking in through the narrow stairway, but once you reach the bar and have your first skewer, you'll understand why it's so popular. You can have a skewer assortment for about 900 yen. That with a nice cold beer or some plum wine and you got the right formula for a great night!

Umegaoka Sushino Midori (梅丘寿司の美登利)

Midori has a well-earned reputation as one of the best sushi chains in Japan because its chefs are true sushi experts! You can see them at work while you enjoy your meal. Great "quality for cost" balance. You can eat sushi at a reasonable price in this sushi restaurant. Lunch course starts at 1,600 JPY. They serve great quality sushi for cheap, so it's extremely popular (i.e. be prepared for a line-up).

Ginza Shimada

Shimada is one of the best standing-style izakayas there is in the area. It serves some exquisite dishes like the 'karasumi soba' (mullet row pasta) pictured above. Although everything is exquisite, carefully made with top quality ingredients, the prices are not too high because it's a standing restaurant. So you can enjoy some high-end Japanese cuisine at a fraction of the price that it would cost you in a fancy Ginza restaurant.

People report paying about ¥4,000 to ¥5,000 for dinner. Since Shimada is very popular, making reservations beforehand is recommended.

Ginza Ippashi

This izakaya has a signature tamagoyaki (a kind of Japanese style souffle omelette) that is unbelievably fluffy and delicious. You simply must try it if you go. Aside from that, you can enjoy some fine sashimi in a chick, clean-lined izakaya atmosphere with horigotatsu-style low tables.

Ukai Tei (うかい亭)

Ukaitei in Ginza is a stunning restaurant which is a harmonious fusion of Western and Japanese cuisine. It is a "teppanyaki" restaurant which means they cook high-quality ingredients such as beef, seafood and vegetables over an iron plate. The lunch course is between ¥7,020 and ¥9,720 and it comes with delicious petit fours. Dinner is between ¥19,440 and ¥29,160.

Kyubey (久兵衛)

Kyubey is said to be one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan, so it's on a lot of people's bucket lists! However, as you might expect from such a high-end sushi bar, it isn't on the cheap side. Lunch starts at 6,000 yen and the "omakase course" is 11,000 yen; For dinner, the omakase course starts at 10,000 and the "kaiseki" course is between 15,000-30,000 yen. It is a series of small and delicate dishes.

Mugi-to Olive

This is another famous local restaurant that has made its name from a dish with a surprising combination of ingredients.

The outstanding ramen dish here is the Hamaguri Clam Ramen. If you've never heard of clam ramen, you are not alone! This is quite original and most Japanese are surprised by this addition.

The chef has selected a niboshi (dried sardine) and chicken stock which creates a perfect synergy in taste to complement the clams. The tasty clams come from Japan's Kawana region, and even the eggs, with their dark yolk and creamy texture, taste better than the ones found in a the standard ramen.

Finally, the noodles are from a famous Kyoto maker so everything top quality and tastes great.

This place is a must-try! Prices are around ¥1,000. Located at just a 5-minute walk from the Higashi Ginza Station or the Ginza Station.

Tonkatsu Aoki

Tonkatsu is located on the east side of Ginza, towards the Higashi-Ginza station and Shimbashi.

You can enjoy some mindblowing tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets). Big, juicy, with the perfect crispy coating, they are made from quality domestic pork. You can enjoy various tonkatsu cuts that vary in price from about ¥1,500 to ¥2,500. This is one of the more affordable option of the area.


Located a 5-minute walk from Higashi-Ginza station, Narutomi is a famous restaurant near Tsukiji (where the fish market used to be). Here you can enjoy a nice atmosphere while watching the chefs preparing the soba dishes.

Patrons here love the handmade juwari soba and tempura (which goes great with soba). They offer many kinds of tempura items that are perfectly fried to a light and crispy outside. One popular menu item is the "gobo tem seiro" (¥1100), which means burdock (gobo) tempura (tem) cold soba (seiro).


Gurgaon is another outstanding Indian curry resto located a 2-minute walk from the Ginza-Itchome Station. The cuisine is a bit different than what you can have at most Indian restaurants because it comes from a particular region of India. Try the shrimp butter lemon masala (¥1,490), the chef's chicken curry (¥1,430) or the lam coriander masala (¥1,490) and you won't be disappointed. Have your meal with a Sapporo beer or glass of wine and you'll be in curry paradise.

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