Updated: December 02, 2019
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10 awesome cafes of Asakusa, Tokyo


Here is a list of must-visit delicious local cafes in Asakusa. You'll fall in love with each of them for different reasons and will probably end up visiting again... and again!

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Sekai Cafe Asakusa

Located in the heart of Asakusa, this cafe offers a reasonably-priced lunch that caters both to Muslim and vegetarian tourists. This fusion type restaurant serves halal and organic ingredients. It is a great place to have a burger set and relax after visiting the beautiful, but busy Asakusa district. You can also grab some tasty shakes/coffee and dessert!

Cafe Tengoku

Located just 5 minutes from the Sensōji Temple in Asakusa, Coffe Tengoku is a tiny coffee shop that rose to fame after being part of Netflix's "Kantaro, the Sweet Tooth Salaryman". The show features a salaryman in a quest for the best sweets in town. And he found the most perfect pancakes at Tengoku. The cafe's most popular item is, obviously, the homemade pancakes. It includes melty butter and sweet, sticky syrup for ¥1,000.


Near the Nakamise shopping street, you'll find this amazing Edo era sweets shop. The popular dessert here is the awazenzai (¥724) made of steam millet and sweet beans. Served hot, the combination of anko sweet beans and mochi millet is spot on. It's pretty hearty and just sweet enough without being too heavy. You can often see long lines in front of this shop. Try it out to see what all the buzz is about! This shop has been popular literally since samurai were walking the streets of Tokyo.

Denkiya Hall

Denkiya Hall is a family-run restaurant established over 100 years ago. The interior is full of retro decorations which creates an amazing nostalgic atmosphere.

The menu is based on the owner's grandpa's recipes that were passed down generations. They have a variety of menu items to choose from including sweets and savoury meals. If you don't know what to get, try their signature menu "Omumaki", which is a stir-fried noodle wrapped in egg.

Cafe Tomorrow

Cafe Tomorrow in Asakusa is a tiny yet inviting cafe in a quaint neighbourhood, which serves awesome breakfasts and lunches. If you are with small children, you might want to avoid this place since people can smoke inside. That being said, the coffee and milk tea are delicious.

Asakusa Coffee Saryo

Asakusa Cafe Saryo is a Japanese style cafe which serves traditional Japanese sweets. If you need a break from the busy streets of Asakusa, this calm and beautiful plate will provide a little respite. The matcha parfait is delicious, it is made with vanilla ice cream, mochi, matcha warabimochi, matcha ice cream. That and a cup of green tea, you'll be in matcha heaven!


This is a classical shop and cafe that opened in 1903 where you can buy plenty of sweets as souvenirs. Their adzuki balls and imo yokan are really popular. The second floor is reserved for the cafe space. If you sit down at the cafe, you might want to try their matcha ice cream or sweet potato ice cream parfaits. Both are really gorgeous and tasty, and come topped with mochi balls, fruits and cookies.

Suke6 Diner

Suke6 is an awesome place for brunch which has outstanding service and the cafe itself is also beautiful. If you want to unwide from the bustling streets of Asakusa, this place is a great refuge. For brunch, the avocado toast is amazing, so are the waffles. Be sure to try their delicious coffee too!

Lodge Akaishi

The melon soda float at this traditional cafe is their signature summer drink. As for the food, they serve some really tasty pasta dishes but the thing you might want to try out is their deep-fried shrimp sandwich. The large-sized shrimps have a thick crispy coating and the sandwich is stuffed with thinly sliced the cabbage which adds a nice crisp too.

February Cafe

February Cafe is a very trendy place located in Kanarimon, near Asakusa station. It's a great place to come chill, have a nice cup of hot chai and some scones. It's a very comfortable and nice setting. You can sit outside as well! Their toast menu are must-try here. Bread are all from Pelican, an authentic, long-established and famous bakery in Asakusa. They offer butter toast, cheese toast and honey cinnamon toast.

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