Updated: November 07, 2018
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Breakfast On The Go In Akihabara!

These are the best places to grab breakfast in Akihabara. No matter what you're looking, for super cheap and quick breakfast or a breakfast buffet, we got you covered!

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At just 680 yen +tax, Coco's family restaurant is probably one of the best-value all-you-can-eat breakfasts in Tokyo. It needs pointing out that the 680 yen price tag has a catch - this is only for weekdays. If you want to head here on weekends or public holidays it will cost another 100 yen, which is still incredibly cheap.

Just keep in mind that the breakfast does have a time limit on it, starting at 7 am (6 am in some places) and ending at 10:30 am.

Their buffet breakfast includes a number of different dishes, including, a variety of breads and pastries, salad and vegetables, soup, scrambled eggs, potatoes, fish, sausages, noodles, rice, soup, and probably my favourite, make your own WAFFLES!

Honey Toast

Honey Toast Cafe serves breakfast from 9 to 11 AM. The morning set includes a savoury version of the very famous honey toast, which is made with tuna (454 yen). You can also get a waffle croissant with or without an omelette (362/547 yen).


Denny's is originally an American chain, but it is highly popular in Japan, with 29 branches in Tokyo alone.

The menu is totally different from the one in the U.S. You can try Japanese dishes such as tempura and tonkatsu (pork cutlet) at Denny's Japan! They also have western style dishes and desserts.

For breakfast, you can try their caramel pancakes, the big size is only 449 yen!


Gusto is a family restaurant chain where you can enjoy reasonably-priced dishes. They have over 1300 locations all across the country. Some of them open 24 hours.

Their breakfast (they offer both Japanese and western style breakfast) is also reasonably-priced and tasty. You can get free drinks refills too. Breakfast is from 299-799 yen.
For the Japanese breakfast, you can get grilled fish or bacon and eggs with rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, etc. For the Western breakfast, you can get toast and a boiled egg, or pizza among many other things.

Tully's Coffee

Tully's Coffee is a popular cafe chain that you would see very often in Japan. They have over 650 stores nationwide, and it is loved by a wide range of people. It is a perfect place to eat lunch or just grab a coffee if you are in hurry. They have tasty pastries as well as pancakes for breakfast.

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