Updated: November 07, 2018
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Must-Try Restaurants in Shibuya!


Here is a list of must-try restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo. These restaurants include all price-range and genres. Have a wonderful time in Shibuya!

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Japanese Cuisine

Harajuku Gyozaro

Right by Meijjingu-Mae station, this hole in the wall serves simple, yet delicious gyoza. This place is unpretentious and authentic; there are two types of gyoza to choose from: steamed or fried. For a few more coins, get a beer, it's the perfect accompaniment! Some say they're the best dumplings not only in Tokyo but in Japan! A plate of 6 dumplings 290 yen!

Tonkatsu Maisen

After a 3 minute walk from Omotesando station, you will find the Tonkatsu Maisen Aoyama Main Store. This is the first Tonkatsu Maisen store, and therefore you can enjoy your Tonkatsu in a nice retro atmosphere. They offer different types of tasty sets, such as sushi with tonkatsu and soba for 1,780 yen. If you want to concentrate on tonkatsu alone, there are various sets, such as the deluxe set for 3,960 yen which comes with black pork from Japan with fruits, rice, pickled vegetables and miso soup.

Sorano Shibuya

Tofu Sorano Shibuya serves amazing tofu dishes in a beautiful setting. Whether you're vegetarian or not, you will definitely appreciate this wonderful restaurant for the cuisine and the ambience. The dishes are carefully prepared tofu dishes which are perfect for vegetarians, but there are also meat dishes. The atmosphere is so relaxing, it is the epitomy of Japanese aesthetic. Expect to pay around 4,000 yen per person.

Kaikaya By The Sea (開花屋)

For Kaikaya fans, this pocket-sized restaurant is the ultimate izakaya. They've kind of joined this underground revolution of restaurants that keep their laid-back atmosphere and grungy feel. There's no bells or whistles at Kaikaya, but that's why it's so good. Unpretentious, scruffy, but cheerful. It's one of the most reviewed eateries in all of Tokyo, and it's easy to understand why people rave about it. It feels like you've gone on the beaten path in search for authenticity - and you find it here. Expect to pay ¥4,000~¥4,999 per person.

35 Steps Bistro

35 Steps Bistro serves great food in an underground bar in Shibuya. You should definitely try the grilled fish which they will flambe at your table in front of you. Although it is mostly frequented by locals, there is an English menu. It's a great price/quality ratio.
Expect to pay about ¥4,000~¥4,999 per person.

韓の台所 別邸

Only 2 minutes away from Shibuya Station, Han no Daidokoro Bettei serves top-notch Wagyu yakiniku! There also is mouth-watering meat sushi! They have 10 specials available that change daily!
The interior has a casual feel to it and you can just as well eat at a table for a get-together, or at the counter for a nice date. Expect to pay about 6,000 yen per person for dinner.

Western Cuisine

Little Bird

Good portions at a reasonable price! People come to this cafe restaurant for the burgers, the pasta and the many delicious gluten-free deserts which include thin pancakes, parfaits and dessert pizzas. Dishes are all around 1,000 yen or less.

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