Updated: November 07, 2018
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Simply The Best 6 Robatayaki Restaurants In Tokyo


Robatayaki is traditional Japanese cuisine at its best. Foods are grilled on a charcoal fire on skewers, usually in an open kitchen, right before your eyes. The ambiance of robatayaki restaurant is usually very warm and quaint. So if you want to experience robatayaki cuisine in Tokyo, here is our selection!

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Inakaya 田舎家 (Roppongi)

Inakaya is a top-quality, very reputable restaurant located near the Roppongi Station but on a small back street. It's the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city for a while. The restaurant is not too big, having about a 20 people seating capacity. The interior is warm and authentic. You see the chefs prepare your food on the fire right before your eyes. Every food offered is in-season and really fresh. Ask for the recommendation at the time you go. They also have a great selection of Japanese sake and other alcohols.

Okajoki 陸蒸気 (Nakano)

Okajoki is a famous robatayaki izakaya conveniently located in the popular Nakano district of Tokyo. This is an extremely well-regarded establishment for its quality yet the prices are very reasonable (average dinner meal is about ¥3,000 to ¥4,000). It has one of the quaintest atmospheres you can imagine. Most of the seats are around the kitchen area where the grill the fish on skewers on a charcoal fire. It's also possible to reserve private rooms.

Ukai Toriyama うかい鳥山 (Hachioji)

Ukai Toriyama is located in the western-most part of Tokyo, in Hachioji, near Mount Takao. It would be the perfect place to go after you spend a day trecking in the mountain. The restaurant is in a traditional thatched roof building by a river in a forested area. It is so stunningly beautiful that many couples have their wedding pictures taken there in kimonos. Most courses consist of food being brought to you on skewers to your table. You then grill the food directly on a charcoal fire at your table.

Matagi またぎ (Roppongi)

Robatayaki is usually more associated with seafood, but actually "robatayaki" just means to cook by the fire, so basically, any ingredients can be used. At Matagi, they specialize in serving top quality gibier. For meat lovers, this is the place you ought to go. Another thing they are famous for is their hot pots cooked on the fire. The place has a really awesome, warm and authentic atmosphere. This place is on the expensive side. Expect to pay over ¥10,000 for a dinner.

Robatasho ろばた 翔 (Shinjuku)

Robatasho is definitely one of the best izakaya style taverns in Shinjuku. You get the great robatayaki atmosphere by seeing the chefs grill the food in a large kitchen right before your eyes, with the fresh ingredients on display as well. Aside from the robatayaki cuisine, you should also try the sashimi plates and the Japanese sake here.

Oedo Ayatori (Shinjuku)

Oedo Ayatori is a new restaurant that has a sleek interior that still retains the beauty and warmth of the traditional robatayaki ambience. There, you can have sublime courses that include gorgeous seafood platters and yakitori grilled on the robata fire among many other small dishes that are served to you one at a time. Oedo Ayatori is located in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, on a 6th floor.


Robatayaki is a must-try Japanese cuisine that usually consists of lots of grilled seafood. If you want to try other types of grilled cuisine, please check out the link below.

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