Updated: November 06, 2018
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Bubbly Experience with Bubble Tea in Tokyo

Bubble tea has been very popular recently, and this could be something that people are particular about. This list is for those bubble tea lovers! It includes Tokyo best addresses with info on their popular menu items.

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Chatime(チャタイム 新大久保店)

This is a chain that holds stores in all over the world, which truly speaks its popularity. Just about a five minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku station, Chatime has lots of menu and there's so many options to choose from! You can also customize your drink just the way you like it.

OH Cha (OH茶)

Very popular in Taiwan, OH Cha landed in Katama, Tokyo! Just about a few minute walk from Kamata station, you can find a place where they have authentic/traditional/Taiwanese/not fake bubble tea! They also have other Tiawanese dishes and desserts. Give it a try, and you'll love it!

Gongcha (Omotesando Harajuku Branch)

Gongcha has its branch in four different places in Tokyo - including Omotesando Harajuku branch, Kichijoji, Tachikawa, and Asagaya branches. They have their original flavors on their menu, as well as limited editions, so you can have only-in-Japan bubble tea! Around a 4 minute walk from Meiji Jingumae station.

Chun Shui Tang (Omotesando Branch) (春水堂 表参道店)

Did you know that this store is the place of origin for a bubble tea? Aside from bubble tea, they have a lunch menu as well as dinner menu, so you can eat in and relax. Starting from June 6th, they are offering Tapioca Mango Milk Tea as their limited summer edition drink! Such a perfect drink for the start of summer, you should definitely check it out! Just a few minute away by walk from Meiji Jingumae station.
Their Tapioca Mango Milk Tea!

Pearl Lady (Ikebukuro Branch)(パールレディ 池袋店)

Most of bubble tea places in Japan is from Taiwan, but this place is from Japan! This place serves colorful bubbles as well as crepes made from tapioca powder. If you are looking for a place to snack something, you should stop by here! This place is just a minute walk from Ikebukuro station, but there are other branches in Shibuya, Machida, Harajuku and Shimokitazawa, so check the store that is nearest from you!

Alfred Tea Room

Alfred Tea Room has a really nice atmosphere and a beautiful design, which is what you would generally expect from a store in fashionable Aoyama. This is the flagship location, located a near the Aoyama Station. You should try the matcha bubble tea, which is said to be made from high-quality matcha powder. Alfred Tea Room also serves some gluten-free sweets and falafels so it's a good place to have a healthy meal as well.

COCO Harajuku

This is a pretty famous store worldwide. It originates from Taiwan and it specializes in bubble teas and juices. Their tapioca milk tea is a classic. Also, try the nyusankin (with lactic acid bacilli) mango which is very popular too. They also have a grape-fruits green tea drink only offered at the Harajuku location. It's a 2-min walk away from the Harajuku Station.

The Alley Lujiaoxiang

The Alley Lujiaoxiang is another cool bubble tea cafe out of Taiwan. It recently set shop in Ebisu. The standard milk tea is good but you should try the kurosato (black sugar) Tapioca Latte, which is the house's specialty. Enjoy eating the house-made tapioca bubbles that come in three types of bubbles you can choose from. These are the cold, mildly hot and hot bubbles. The hot ones are eaten with a spoon.

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