Updated: November 07, 2018
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Asia's Top 50 Bars Have Been Chosen: These Are The Japanese Bars That Made The List!

The Top 50 Bars in Asia have recently announced, among this list 8 bars in Japan have been chosen! These should definitely be on your bucket list!

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In 45th Place: Lamp Bar

LAMP BAR is the only bar outside of a large city to have been nominated.
It's located about 2 minutes away from Kintetsu Nara Station.
The bar's interior is very warm with its wooden feel.
The drink pictured above is their star item, The Beginning.
The drink is served in an oval-shaped glass.
Underneath are smoked cinnamon sticks which fill up the air with a beautiful smell.
The famous cocktail is whiskey-based with a smokey aroma.

In 43th Position: Star Bar Ginza

Star Bar Ginza is located only about 2 minutes away from Ginza Itchome Station.
This bar is by far Japan's most famous bar.
Mr. Hisashi Kishi, the owner and bartender, at the age of 31 was the first Japanese person to ever become become champion in a worldwide cocktail competition!
When you go, you definitely should try one of his signature cocktails!
The cocktail showed above is a rum-based cocktail made with the delicious Miyakojima mangoes!
The homemade cocktails will blow your mind!

In 40th Place: Mixology Salon

3-minutes away from Ginza Station and on the 13th floor of Ginza SIX, you will find the Mixology Salon. Here, they specialize in cocktails made with a centrifuge machine and a sous-vide cooking method. They also specialize in tea cocktails and no-alcohol cocktails.

In 37th Place: Bar Orchard Ginza

3-minutes away from Ginza Station, Bar Orchard Ginza is located on the 7th floor.
As the name Bar Orchard Ginza suggests, the cocktails are meticulously prepared with seasonal fruits.
The glass and arrangement are unique and beautiful, no wonder the cocktails are so popular!
The drink displayed above is made with apples and pomegranate.
It is suggested to tell the bartender what fruits you like so he can make a cocktail to your liking!

In 34th Place: Gen Yamamoto

Only 2-minutes away from Azabujuban Station, you will find the beautiful bar Gen Yamamoto.
The stunning exterior is very Japanese.
Of course, you can order just one drink here, but it is recommended to have the tasting menu.
It is a course offering where you can try many different drinks made with whiskey, shochu, rum, etc.

In 20th Place: Bar Benfiddich

About 3-minutes away from Shinjuku's West Exit, you'll find Bar Benfiddich.
This hidden bar specializes in using spices and herb for the cocktails.
In fact, the owner uses herbs he cultivated himself to make the mixology cocktails.
The way the owner makes the cocktails is really what sets it apart from other bars.
You don't really know how he makes these amazing cocktails, but one second you'll see beautiful blue flames appearing and it makes for an amazing time.
If you are a cocktail aficionado, you should definitely stop by to try the amazing cocktails made with herbs, spices and seasonal fruits.

In 16th Place: Bar Trench

Only about 3-minutes from Ebisu Station, Bar Trench is located on ground level.
They have the world's largest herb liquor collection with over 200 bottles!
Pictured above is the famous absinthe.
Absinthe is served here the traditional way.
The absinthe is poured into a glass and you can then adjust the taste with water from a faucet at the centre of the table.

In 6th Place: Bar High Five

Bar High Five is located about 3-minutes away from Ginza Station.
This Japanese bar was the highest on Asia's Top 50 bar list!
As soon as you enter, the first thing you will notice is their impressive alcohol collection.
Since the owner speaks English, a lot of foreign customers visit here often.
The Japanese bartender association has said that all of Mr. Ueno's cocktails are top-notch!

Simply tell the bartender what you like and he will make you an awesome cocktail you are sure to love!


We hope you enjoyed this article.
Have fun trying out a lot of the bars in Japan which have made it to Asia's Top 50 bars list!

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