Updated: November 07, 2018
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ReDINE: Let's Enjoy A New Kind Of Social Dining Experience in Japan!

ReDINE is a social dining experience in Tokyo that you definitely need to try. If you would like to try a completely new dining experience while in Japan, ReDINE might be the new exciting culinary adventure that awaits you!

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ReDINE is a way to enjoy dining even more! All through America, new Airbnb-like dining experiences are popping up across the country, such as Feastly and Eatwith. ReDINE is a very popular service in Japan which allows people to come together and discover new cuisines with a professional freelance chef.

What's different about ReDINE is that you get to enjoy an intimate dining experience with new people, which is prepared by a certified chef in a restaurant! The restaurant's closed days are now open to the public and with a new chef!
However, speaking some Japanese is a prerequisite as the website is only in Japanese for now and most of the people attending are Japanese and might not be able to speak English.
In a way, not only is it a great way to try delectable cuisine, meet interesting people, but you also get to practice your Japanese!


The cuisine is prepared by a licensed chef which all have their own line of expertise, from sous-vide cooked meat to Japanese-Italian fusion high-end dining.


You get the chance to exchange with other gourmets as yourself as well as talking directly with the chef. If you like cooking yourself, it's a great occasion to ask the chef for some expert tips. And if you enjoy dining, you get to talk with like-minded people and you might even get some great tips on wine and Japanese specialties. The dining experience tends to be quite intimate, as no more than 20 people can attend.
You can ask the chef directly why he or she chose a certain wine pairing to go with the wine so your taste buds and your grey matter will be challenged.

Past Events

A Sous-Vide Cooking Class

Chef Yoneyama
Sous-vide is all the rage at the moment, you can find Youtube videos of people trying to sous-vide right about anything. But how is it really done and what does it taste like when it's done just right?
At this event, you could enjoy perfectly cooked tender beef as well as learn how to cook it yourself at home. For 10,000 yen, you could have some time with a professional chef and see what the sous-vide cooking method is. After trying the incredibly tender and perfectly seasoned meat, it is easy to understand what the fuss is all about!

Trying 7 types of pasta for 3 hours in fancy Nishiazabu

Chef Yamamoto making pasta
This event was directed at pasta aficionados. There are so many variations in terms of types of pasta and cooking methods. You got to learn how can pasta can be different by playing with elements such as texture and types of sauce used.
You got to try a full Italian course for 8,000 yen which included 7 types of carefully made pasta using fresh ingredients as well as interesting wine pairings. It was an incredible opportunity for pasta lovers to learn more about cooking methods and taste pairings.

Japanese cuisine prepared by a nutritionist!

At this event, guests got the chance to learn how to cook with a Japanese dietician in order to learn how to make more balanced meals that will your body happy. Japanese cuisine can be rather high in salt intake and this class focused on reducing it for your health.
The guests had the chance to get together and learn how to make delicious and healthy meals using fresh and seasonal ingredients, such as grilled eggplant miso soup, shiitake, chicken and burdock rice, etc. The result was phenomenal, tasty and good for you!


For those who would like to meet other foodies and have the chance to interact directly with the chef to learn more about wine pairing and cooking methods, this is a wonderful opportunity. Go on and practice your Japanese with other gourmets as yourself!
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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