Updated: June 28, 2018
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à tes souhaits! in Tokyo: See The MIND BLOWING Sweets


Simply one of the top cake shops in Tokyo, a tes souhaits serves sublime French-style sweets. Located in Kichijoji.

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à tes souhaits!

This address is one of the top references in Tokyo for sublime French pastries and other sweets. The chef-patissier, Mr. Hideki Kawamura has received many distinctions for his work.
The store is mostly a take-out boutique (two small tables are placed in front of the store). Pastries are about ¥600 each.

The Sweets


Finally a Mont-Blanc worthy of that name. This isn't a hillock, to say the least. It huge! The base of this mountain is made of almond meringue. The chestnuts used for these are a mix of Japanese and western ones. And the rich smooth cream filling inside has a 47% fat content. It is not sweetened and made to blend perfectly with the chestnut cream topping.
Although everything at à tes souhaits! is undeniably delicious and can be considered little works of art, the Mont-Blanc is the signature pastry and the store's claim to fame, so make sure to have it! Beware however that this item is only offered between around mid-September to mid-May.

Gâteau fraise

A close second in popularity is the Gâteau fraise. It is made from fresh strawberries, a 45% fat content whipped cream and a genoise-style sponge cake with some honey in it. You might see variations of this cake. Depending on the season, the fruits may change.

Caramel tendance

Caramel tendance is another popular item that is made of alternating layers of bitter dark chocolate cake and sweet and smooth caramel mousse. The harmony of the taste just right. There are some crispy pieces of caramel that make the texture even more interesting.

Exotic pistache

If you want a taste of exotic fruit, this one is for you. The fruit toppings and mousse are made of mango, papaya, banana and orange. The bottom part of the pastry is a pistachio cake.


With their crispy shell and sublimely soft inside, the macarons of à tes souhaits! are hard to resist. They have some 10 regular kinds plus some occasional seasonal specials. They are ¥250 a piece.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is essential to survive through the sweltering hot Japanese summer. Lucky for use, à tes souhaits! serves its own brand.


à tes souhaits! is a bit far from any station, but you won't regret going there if you have a soft spot for sweets. It's widely recognized as one of the best places in the Tokyo. If you want to discover other outstanding places for sweets, but authentic Japanese ones, you might want to check out the article below as well.
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