Updated: November 07, 2018
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Best Chinese Cuisine in Okinawa!


Here are the possible places to try awesome Chinese cuisine in Naha, Okinawa! You'll find here the best gyozas, ramen, etc. at all types of restos, from holes in the wall to high-end restos. Enjoy!

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Benriya Iurinron (べんり屋 玉玲瓏)

If you want some authentic and delicious gyozas, Benriya is the place to go to. This hole in the wall is located in a market surrounded by small stalls. This place is very popular and mostly frequented by locals. There are no English menus, but you can just point to one of the signs and wait in anticipation for your surprise order. Just kidding, just ask for "suigyoza" or "yakigyoza" for boiled gyozas or panfried gyozas. It's 600 yen for 10.

Yaoyao China Plaza (姚姚中華廣場)

Yaoyao is a high-end Chinese cuisine restaurant in Naha, some even say Yaoyao is the best Chinese restaurant in Okinawa! The restaurant serves many small dishes which are made using seasonal ingredients. The presentation is beautiful and appetizing. One must try dish is the "mabou tofu". The "omakase course" is 4,500 yen.

Chinese Restaurant Yang Kyou Fang (中国家常菜 燕郷房)

Yang Kyou Fang is a Chinese restaurant with a beautifully inviting retro vibe. Lunch is very affordable, set meals start at 780 yen, you can also get ramen. Their three most popular dishes are the sweet and sour pork, the pork over rice bowl for lunch and the shrimps.

Kiraku (きらく)

Don't be fooled by this restaurant's exterior, it may not seem like much, but it is one of Okinawa's most highly rated Chinese restos. They serve Okinawan cuisine as well as Chinese cuisine. All the dishes are super affordable, being 650 yen on average. The beef and pepper stir-fry is very good.

Teianda (てぃあんだー)

Around a 20 minute walk from Omoromachi station, where Duty Free store is located, their 3-slice-pork is what they are famous for. Their soup and their noodles are also incredible, and for noodles you can choose its thickness. If you are looking for a very simple yet deep, delicious soba, this is it! They also close as soon as they sell out their soba, so get there early! You can eat their soba for ¥650.

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