Updated: November 07, 2018
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Best Ramen Joints in Naha, Okinawa


These are the best ramen shops in Naha, Okinawa! You want to try Okinawa soba? We got you covered! Soupless ramen? We got you too. Chinese ramen? Check out this list for the best ramen in Naha!

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Chinese Restaurant Yang Kyou Fang (中国家常菜 燕郷房)

Yang Kyou Fang is a Chinese restaurant with a beautifully inviting retro vibe. Lunch is very affordable, tantan ramen is only 780 yen. For dinner, ramen is between 880-1,310 yen. The spicy shrimp tantan men is delish (950 yen).

Niku Masusoba Masami (肉マースソバマサミ )

Niku Masusoba Masami is a small ramen shop with only seats at the L-shaped counter. The shop has a sleek yet quaint interior with a Chaplin movie playing. A bowl of ramen is 700 yen for a small portion and 800 yen for a regular size. The broth is delicious and is easy to drink, and so is the grilled pork.

Mahoroba (まぜ麺マホロバ)

Mahoroba specializes in "mazesoba" a soupless type of ramen which has a lot of toppings. A bowl is only 700 yen, or 780 yen for a spicy version or a cheesy version. The spicy version is definitely a must-try. What is more is that you get a bowl of rice at the end to soak up the sauce, which they like to call a Japanese risotto. You'll leave really full, so it's quite a good deal for 700 yen! The staff is so welcoming too. Don't be surprised if your feet end up dragging you more than once.

You also need to try Okinawa soba!

What is Okinawa soba?

Among Japanese people, Okinawan soba is probably the most famous Okinawan cuisine. The noodles used are similar to Chinese noodles, and generally, tonkotsu (pork) and bonito are used for the broth. However, there are a lot of variations in Okinawa depending on the region. For toppings, spear ribs or pork meat is used with green onions.

There are 4 different types of soba in Okinawa, including the most popular Okinawa soba, Miyako soba, Yaeyama/Ishigaki soba, and Daito soba. The most remarkable difference is the type of noodles used.

Doraemon (どらえもん)

Located near Kokusaidori, Doraemon serves simple yet authentic Okinawa soba called Miyako soba for only ¥500! Their soup is light with a hint of dashi (soup stock), and the pork is juicy. Just a 5 minute walk from monorail Kenchomae station. You can enjoy their soba from ¥500 to ¥650.

Shuri Horikawa (首里 ほりかわ)

Located in the residential area down Shurijo Castle, this place is famous for their elegant Okinawa soba and their cafe-like atmosphere. The use homemade noodles that are cooked as soon as the order is placed so it might take a little more time than other joints, but it's most definitely worth the wait! Around a 10 minute walk from Yui-rail Shuri station, or a 2-minute walk from Shurijo Castle.

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