Updated: November 07, 2018
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Where To Have Delicious Japanese Curry in Shibuya


Have you ever tried a Japanese curry called "curry rice"? It is based on Indian curry, but it is very different from it in terms of flavor, ingredients, etc. These curry shops in Shibuya will satisfy your stomach.

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1. Moyan Curry Shibuya Shop (もうやんカレー渋谷店)

This curry shop sells great Japanese curry. Their curry has 20+ spices blended in and stewed for about 2 weeks before it is served. This process makes Moyan's curry rich and have a strong taste.
This one pictured above is a curry rice with cheese on top. The melted cheese gives a new twist to the dish. It is a good idea to add some spices or ingredients to a curry.

2. Curry House TIRI TIRI (カレーハウスチリチリ)

Curry house TIRI TIRI's curry is made without any chemical ingredients. This natural curry is not only healthy but also tastes amazing.
All the curry served at Curry House TIRI TIRI has an entire onion used in each dish, so the onion gives the curry the sweet and sharp natural taste.

3. Curry KAILAS (カリーカイラス)

This is one of the most original Japanese curry. However, the unique point of this delicious curry is that they have pork katsu. (Pork katsu is a deep-fried pork just like pork cutlet.)
On top of katsu curry, you can also add as a topping to your curry some cheese and a boiled egg, which are both great choices.

4. Mulgi (ムルギー)

This shop opened at 1951, and has been serving same curry since it opened. It opens at 11:30 until 15:00, but as soon as curry runs out, the restaurant closes, so you might want to hustle your way to the shop.
Its unique look of a 'rice mountain' with creamy curry and a boiled egg with ketchup makes this curry stand out among the others.

5. J.S. CURRY Shibuya Bunkamura (J.S. CURRY 渋谷文化村通り店)

This restaurant's curry is famous for having a lot of vegetables in a curry. Most of the curry it serves only costs about ¥1000 or even less, so it is a great place to try a healthy curry.
The restaurant also serves a food called curry pan, which is translated to curry bread. Curry pan is a Japanese food that is made of Japanese curry stuffed inside a dough and deep-fried. You can take curry pan out, so this is a great place to stop by and grab something to eat.

6. Go Go Curry Shibuya Police Station (ゴーゴーカレー渋谷警察署前スタジアム)

Go Go curry is a chain restaurant, but serves a great curry. Its curry is thick and rich. Its most popular dish is a picture above, delicious katsu curry. You can taste this katsu curry with a reasonable cost of ¥900.
It is famous for having a variety of food on top of the curry. The picture above is normal curry with two pieces of katsu, two deep-fried shrimps, a boiled egg, and two sausages. You can make your own curry with changing spiciness, the amount, the extra sides, etc. This is a great restaurant to try when you are feeling extra hungry.


These six restaurants all serve Japanese curry rice. However, their curry are all different and unique in their own way and make each of them delicious. These restaurants are some of the great places to stop and try out Japanese curry!

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