Updated: November 07, 2018
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Ome, Tokyo: Things To Do In This Beautiful Area


Ome is a large part of western Tokyo that is well-known for its beautiful mountains and the presence of the Tama River. It's a must-go place if you live in Tokyo and love the outdoors. Here are the best things to do in that area.

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Ome 青梅, Tokyo

Ome City is a city of 137,000 people (2015) that covers a large area in the western, semi-rural part of the Tokyo Metropolis.
The city is located inside the mountainous area called Okutama 奥多摩 that spreads through part of Saitama Prefecture and western Tokyo. There are 9 small train stations of the Ome Line. The railway runs pretty much adjacent to the Tama River, or Tamagawa 多摩川, which is the other distinct geographical feature of the area along with the mountains.
Tamagawa is beautiful and clear. There are many walking paths along it. Okutama is thus a district near the core of Tokyo that is rich with natural beauty. Tokyoites go on day trips to Ome to escape the bustle of the city. Here are things to do in Ome city.

Ome Kyuryo Hill Hiking Course (Beginner)

You can easily spend a day of hiking on this 11km course. You can start at Ome Station and walk towards the Ome Railway park to find the entrance of the trail. Throughout your hike, you'll be rewarded with the sight of the Konpira Shrine, beautiful views of the city and mountains from an altitude of over 400 meters, and towards the end of the trail, you have the opportunity to see the Karakai Castle Ruins. The last part of the trail is the most challenging when you have to climb a steep hill to the top of Mt. Raiden (494 meters).

Mount Takamizu And Mount Sanzan Course (Beginner - Intermediate)

This course is a total of 9.4 kilometres. You start at the Ikusabata Station and walk along the Tama River until you reach the Kogenji temple. There are many rewarding sites along this course as well, including the Jufukuin Temple. This course is shorter than the previous one introduced but is more ascending so it's considered more difficult. You will reach the peak of Mount Takamizu (759 meters), Iwataka-Ishiyama (793 meters), and Sogaku (756 meters). The trail finishes near the Mitake Station.

Mitake Gorge 御岳渓谷

Around the Mitake Station, there is the Mitake Gorge which is renowned for its scenic beauty, clean waters, and as a great spot for kayaking. There are many walking course that you can do within an hour. The area around the gorge has many sightseeing spots including the Tamashin Mitake Art Museum, Gyokudo Art Museum.

Mount Mitake Hiking / Cable Car

From Mitake Station, it takes about a 10-minute bus ride to get to the Takimoto Station 滝本駅. From there, you can take a cable car to the top of Mount Mitake. Of course, you can also hike to the top of the 929-meter mountain. Points of interest on Mount Mitake include the Musashi Mitake Shrine near the top of the mountain.
Musashi Mitake Shrine


Tamagawaya 玉川屋

One restaurant worth the mention near the Mitaka Station (3-minute walk) is Tamagawaya. It serves soba noodles and tempura for about ¥1,000 to ¥2,000. You will be amazed by the traditional architecture with the thatched roof with grass of this restaurant.
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