Updated: September 06, 2019
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The Top Yakitori Restaurants in Ginza!


Here is a list of the top yakitori restaurants in Ginza with an authentic ambience and of course delicious cuisine!

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Birdland 銀座バードランド

Birdland is a Michelin-starred restaurant with branches in Asagaya and in Marunouchi. They use Ibaraki prefecture's famous chicken which is renowned for its low fat content. Have you ever tried yakitori paired with wine? It's a nice change of pace and it's quite awesome!
This restaurant is highly popular, so we recommend making a reservation before-hand.
They have 3 different courses to choose from: a ¥3,700, a ¥5,000 and a ¥6,500 course; it includes 3-4 appetizers, different brochettes, etc.

Toriyoshi (鳥よし 銀座店)

Toriyoshi is an exceptional yakitori restaurant with several branches across Tokyo, including two in Ginza. Here, you can order the "omakase course" (letting the chef decide the course) or order a la carte. If you're not overly familiar with yakitori, we highly recommend the omakase course, since you'll get to try several different skewers including everything that is freshest on that day. In addition to the yakitori, the liver and the minced chicken are also delicious, as is the fried chicken, which is a house specialty. The courses start at 2,500 yen.

Torichou (鳥長)

Torichou is a lovely restaurant in Ginza with a very authentic and traditional feel. The tsukune (minced chicken), shiitake mushrooms and negi & chicken are really delicious. The tender and juicy duck is also a must-try! It's delicious here, but just a little bit pricey. Expect to pay about ¥6,000~¥7,999 for dinner.

Takechan (武ちゃん)

Takechan is a family-owned restaurant run by an 80-year old man called Takechan. This restaurant is a little hard to find, but you can spot the queue. Luckily, you won't have to wait too long. You can choose between an 8 or 10 skewer course, and you can also order a la carte.
The restaurant has an English menu; You can expect to pay about¥3,000~¥3,999.
For a really nice, local experience, this is the spot!

Isehiro (伊勢廣 銀座店)

Isehiro is a very cool and authentic restaurant in Ginza, which serves awesome yakitori. There are several courses to choose from, such as a 7-skewer course for 4,860 yen, a healthy course for 5,832 yen and a full-course for 6,480 yen. The last one comes with different types of skewers, soup, etc. This is another yakitori restaurant that is on the fancier side, but the food is excellent, which makes it worth it!

Toriya Premium (銀座 Toriya Premium 本店)

If you really want to get as fancy as possible with your yakitori experience, you've got to check out Ginza Toriya Premium. They truly turn yakitori into fine dining, offering great wine pairings and skewers served on white plates with fancy decorative sauces. The thing is, the chicken skewers are ridiculously delicious (and you don't have to eat the skewers with a fork and knife, don't worry!)
This place should definitely be on every yakitori-lover's bucket list!

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