Updated: October 31, 2019
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Best Kissaten (Japanese Cafes) in Shinjuku, Tokyo!


You will absolutely love these authentic cafes if you want to experience the retro Showa vibe of the Japanese "kissaten" -a type of European-influenced cafe that was particularly popular up until the 1980s). They have a relaxed atmosphere and the coffee is carefully made and delicious! These are the best Kissaten (Japanese Cafes) in Shinjuku, Tokyo you need to try ASAP!

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Kissaten 喫茶店...?

Cafe in Japanese is sometimes translated as "kissaten" (喫茶店). In modern Japanese, however, the term kissaten is mostly used to refer to a kind of authentic cafe that had it's glory days during the Showa Era (1926 - 1989). They are much more old-fashioned and are generally more popular with the older generations, although some young people do have an interest in kissatens as well, as they are sort of a glimpse into the past. The kissatens also tend to have a very cozy atmosphere, the kind where you feel comfortable chatting or reading for a long time. The prices are usually more expensive than the average cafes. You can usually have sweets, light meals such as sandwiches, along with good-quality coffee.

Tajimaya Coffee (但馬屋珈琲店)

Tajimaya Coffee is all you want from a traditional Japanese cafe and then some. It's beautifully quaint and calm and they serve delicious coffee and sweets. It's the kind of place where you can easily go by yourself and sit at the counter and enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a book and not even notice the time go by. A cup of coffee is quite pricey (720 yen), but it's not the type of place to simply get your coffee fix, you go for the atmosphere.

Jikabaisen Coffee Bon (自家焙煎珈琲 凡)

Cafe Bon is also a wonderful place to stop by for a nice cup of coffee and to have a relaxing moment by yourself or with a friend. At this cafe, you can sit at the counter and relax for a while, you shouldn't come here if you're in a hurry. The cafe has a beautiful retro vibe, coffee is on the pricey side, but you get a pot of coffee for 1,100 yen.

Coffee Kizokue Edinburgh (珈琲貴族エジンバラ)

You will absolutely love this authentic cafe if you want to experience the retro Showa vibe of the Japanese kissaten. It has a relaxed atmosphere and the coffee, made by siphon type coffee makers, is particularly good. They have three cheap morning menu sets (toast and eggs, butter rolls and eggs, and a Japanese hodgepodge called zosui) below ¥1,000 that come with a coffee. Try the cakes too if you have a sweet tooth! Also, they have free wifi internet, which isn't a given at Japanese cafes.

Cafe Renoir

Renoir is an old-style cafe with a relaxing atmosphere and great drip coffee. Simply put, it has the atmosphere of a luxurious hotel lobby. The kind of place you can enjoy time slowly going by and feel like you have nowhere to be for a short and enjoyable moment.
It is not the type of place to rush in and rush out. Here, you can slowly enjoy your hot cup of coffee in this cozy, yet fancy atmosphere. You can also have some light dishes, such as sandwiches, or sweets.

Coffee Max (マックス)

Coffee Max is a lovely mom and pops owned type of cafe. It is located a few minutes walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Gochome Station. Their drip coffee is relatively inexpensive and the service is very polite and welcoming, although they might not be fluent in English. Their blend coffee is 400 yen, and the cake is 380 yen. This is much cheaper than other kissatens.

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