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Sora No Iro: Healthy Vegan Ramen in Tokyo!


If you're health conscious but are craving ramen, you might hesitate a bit before chowing down all these calories. Sora No Iro's vegan ramen is exactly what you're looking for! It's healthy and damn good!

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Sora No Iro has been in the Michelin Guide for 3 years in a row!

Sora No Iro is located 5-minutes away from Kojimachi Station. The restaurant is so popular, there's a line-up before it even opens!

Kojimachi is a local area with a lot of businessmen and women who line-up for ramen at Sora No Iro for lunch. But, the rotation speed is quite fast, so you won't have to wait too long!
Sora No Iro is a super popular restaurant, which has appeared in the Michelin Guide for 3 years in a row.
The first restaurant was in Kojimachi, but they are now implementing restaurants at Tokyo Station, Kyobashi, Asakusabashi and Nagoya.

The noodles, the soup and the toppings are all made with vegetables

There are counter seats and tables available at this small resto.
The concept of this resto is a clean and inviting restaurant where people feel comfortable coming by themselves.

Sora No Iro's menu is roughly divided into 4 kinds of ramen: Veggie soba, vegan veggie soba, umami dashi soba and salt dashi soba. Within these choices, you can choose different sobas. Not all ramen types are vegan!

Guilt-free vegetarian ramen

The special veggie soba (1,100 yen) is particularly popular with women! It comes with an egg and tons of veggies!
When you think of ramen, you don't expect to receive such a colourful dish! The bowl has tons of different veggies as a topping.
The soup looks a lot like a potage because of it's bright colour. The broth is made with cabbages and carrots and has a frothy sweetness. It feels quite light so you won't feel guily finishing it up until the last drop.
The bright orange noodles are made with paprika.
The flat and wide noodles are chewy and are really fun to eat.
What's nice is that you can eat the noodles with the chopped cabbage, and it feels as though you're eating twice the portion of noodles so you'll feel quite full.

Also, for 150 yen more you can ask for gluten-free brown rice noodles.
The ramen's topping is tons of vegetables, such as cabbage, bell pepper, carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower and green onion.

The vegetables are super filling and delicious on their own.
At the centre, the eggs have soaked up the broth and have a slight soy sauce taste and are very rich.
As soon as you bite it, it melts in your mouth. It's so addictively delicious.
Midway, you should try the ramen with yuzu pepper, it adds a nice twist and is also very good!


You can't drink this delicious ramen's soup until the last drop and not feel a hint of guilt. And although it was healthy, by no means did it feel like a second-rate ramen! If you're vegan or health-conscious (or both), you definitely need to stop by Sora No Iro for their ramen!

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