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Eggs n' Things In Harajuku For A Mount Fuji Of Whipped Cream!


Eggs n' Things in Harajuku is definitely a place to go if you love western-style breakfasts and have a soft spot for sweets and whipped cream.

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Eggs n' Things

Eggs n' Things is one of the most popular places for pancakes in Harajuku. Originally from Hawaii the restaurant in Harajuku was the first to open in Japan in 2010 and has been a hit ever since. The concept of the resto is to serve brunch-like meals all day. Their specialty is pancakes.


To say that they serve pancakes with a generous amount of whipped cream is an understatement! You virtually get a Mount Fuji of whipped cream with your order that is sprinkled with macadamia nuts. As for the fruits they have for basic choices: strawberry, banana, pineapple and blueberries.
If the regular pancakes aren't enough, you can order a deluxe version with an assortment of eight fruits (limited time summer special offer). Note that for the regular pancakes, you can order extra toppings that include chocolate chips, almond praline, chocolate sauce, and ice cream.
If you'd rather have something savoury, rest assured because their egg benedicts are quite nice as well. Choices include spinach and bacon, smoked salmon and avocado, and vegetarian (spinach, tomato and mushroom).
They have refreshing desserts too that are more on the light side. This acai bowl with is a popular choice in the summer.
Loco moco (white rice topped a hamburger patty and eggs) are only served at Eggs n' Things Japan. They are a representative meal of contemporary Hawaiian cuisine.
If you go at dinner time, you can accompany your breakfast-like meal with a cold beer or Hawaiian cocktail! The resto is open until 10:30 PM.


If you are craving sweet, western-style breakfast options, Egg's n' Things in Harajuku is a great place to go. And while you are there, you might want to check out this guide which introduces plenty of other good spots for sweets lovers among other things to do in the area.
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