Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Best Kyoto-Style Sushi Restaurants In Kyoto (Under ¥3,000)

Kyoto City

Did you know that Kyoto has its own regional kind of sushi? Well, it does! It is quite particular because it is vinegared and seasoned. Here are the places to try it in Kyoto.

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Kyoto-Style Sushi?

Kyoto developed its own kind of sushi because the city is not very close to the sea and the fish had to be preserved. It is done by seasoning the fish lightly and adding vinegar too. Instead of nori, traditionally this type of sushi is wrapped in kombu instead when done maki sushi style.

While you are in Kyoto, you should absolutely try this local specialty. Another reason to have it is that you can get the best quality of Kyoto-style sushi for under ¥3,000.

Izuju いづ重

Izuju has been around since 1912. The atmosphere of the restaurant is super quaint and every plate is a work of art. You feel the tradition and culture. You'll be blown away by their sublime sets that are made from seasonal neta (sushi toppings). The average assortment is about ¥1,500 to ¥2,500. People say that the inari sushi (sushi wrapped in tofu skins) are also quite good.

Izu いづう

When Izu first opened in 1781, samurais were still roaming the streets of Kyoto. The way they make the sushi hasn't changed much since then! The key to making good Kyoto-style sushi is to get the right balance of vinegar and sweetness between all the elements (rice, kombu and toppings). Izu achieves that. The acidity of the vinegar doesn't take over. Simply try the aji (horse mackerel) sushi and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Sakai さか井

Sakai is super famous for its Kyoto-style sushi, especially the aji (horse mackerel) one. They also serve standard sushi too so it's a good compromise place if you want to have something you are more familiar with. The place is tiny with just 5 seats but it's really nice to see the chefs prepare your order from the counter.

Chidoritei 千登利亭

This is another small restaurant with a history of over a century. From fall to spring, the owners recommend you try the saba (mackerel) sushi. During the summer, the signature item is the conger eel which you can have as toppings of an 8-piece set of hako (moulded in a box square-shaped) sushi.

Masugataya 満寿形屋

This is one of the best restaurants for this kind of sushi. You know they make the dishes with great care just by looking at the leaves that decorate the sushi. This establishment of long standing doesn't only serve great Kyoto-style sushi, but also udon and soba noodles, and don-mono (various toppings on a bed of rice).

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