Updated: November 07, 2018
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Simple Home Made Gyoza Recipe!

What are gyozas and how can you make them at home by yourself? It's actually much easier than it seems! Try it for yourself and enjoy these home-made delicious dumplings.

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What are gyozas?

Gyozas are originally from China (called Jiaozi in Chinese) and are now hugely popular in Japan as well. They are recognized as a staple in Japanese homes. Gyozas are also called potstickers. They are usually made with garlic chives, Chinese chives and minced pork. They can be fried (yakigyoza 焼き餃子), boiled (suigyoza 水餃子) or deep fried (agegyoza 揚げ餃子), either way, they are delicious!

Simple gyoza recipe

-220g of minced pork
-140g of cabbage
-1/3 of a bunch of Chinese chives
-1/2 of a green onion
-1 clove of grated garlic
-Grated ginger (as much as garlic)
-2 tbsp of sake
-1 tbsp of sesame oil
-1 tsp of soy sauce
-1 tsp of chicken soup stock
-1/2 a tsp of sugar
-Salt & pepper (to taste)
-40 pieces of gyoza skin

1. Mix the minced meat with all the ingredients, except for the cabbage, Chinese and garlic chives.
2. Chop the vegetables (cabbage, Chinese chives and garlic chives) finely and add to the mix.
3. Mix well.
4. Now the hard part, wrapping them. It gets easier after you get the hang of it. It takes making about 5-6 dumplings before getting the twist. Don't put too much meat in the centre of the gyoza skin or you will have a hard time wrapping them. Put water on half of the outer limit of the gyoza, then wrap them by folding the side a bit and pressing it against the other side.
5. Pour oil in the frying pan and line up the gyozas.
6. Once the gyozas start turning slightly brown, pour 150 ml of water.
7. Put the lid over the gyozas and cook over medium heat for 5-7 minutes.
8. Once the water has dissolved, pour sesame oil evenly over the dumplings.

Voila! You have delicious home-made gyozas. You can be proud of yourself!


There you have it, beautiful and delicious home-made gyozas you can brag about making yourself! Japanese people typically eat gyozas with a bowl of rice and some pickled vegetables. For me, gyozas and beer are a match made in heaven!
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