Updated: November 07, 2018
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Must Try New Summer Drinks of Starbucks, Tully's, and Doutor in 2018

The Summer in Japan is super hot! The cold drinks are necessary to survive the hot summer in Japan. If you are waiting for new summer drinks to come out, this article will definitely help you. It will introduce the 2018 new summer drinks of the major Japanese coffee brands in Japan: Starbucks, Tully's, and Doutor Coffee.

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Starbucks Coffee Japan

1. Peach Pink Fruit Frappuchino

This frappuccino launched on July 20th, 2018, is a peach flavored drink. This drink has fresh chunks of peaches, strawberries, and pink grapefruits in the peach-based juice with guava puree, which makes a great taste of sweet and sour. The topping of peach whipped cream adds a creamy taste to a refreshing drink. If you love peach, this is the drink for you.

2. Teavana Frozen Tea

Starbucks announced the two new Teavana Frozen tea for the summer. They are both new style frozen tea drinks started from July 2nd.

Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade

This drink is a chamomile tea with lemon peel flavored frozen syrup inside. This chamomile tea and the lemon syrup mixed frozen tea cools you down from the bright sunshine of Japan.

Teavana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato

The red passion fruit tea with grapefruit and tomato flavored frozen syrup makes the unique flavored tea with the sourness of the grapefruit and the sweetness of the tomato.

3. Cold Brew mousse Foam Hazelnuts

This is a cold brew coffee with a new style of hazelnuts flavored milk foam that feels almost like a mousse. The soft and smooth texture of the foam matches the cold brew coffee well.

4. Starbucks Refreshers Beverage Cool Lime

This is a new flavor of the Starbucks Refreshers. The sour and refreshing taste of lime with the little "spice" of the caffeine from green coffee beans makes your body cool.

Tully's Coffee

1. Matcha Lista

This drink is a shake of frozen Uji matcha tea (famous Kyoto matcha) with chocolate chips on top. The bitter taste of the matcha and the sweetness of chocolate chips give the shake a great balance of flavours.

2. Passion Peach & Mango Tea

The passionfruit and the peach mixed juice blended with earl gray. This fruit tea with mango chunks inside give it a tropical taste which makes this scorching summer heat a little more tolerable.

3. Espresso Shake

This is another shake. The classic espresso flavored frozen shake would cool your body down with the creamy texture frozen espresso.

Doutor Coffee


1. Green Lemon Tea Honey

This new drink launched on July 12th. This is a green tea blended in with Setouchi Lemon (popular Japanese lemon) juice and peel, Japanese honey mixed with special honey lemon sauce. This will blow off the heat of the summer.

2. Peach Tea

This is launched at the same time as green lemon tea honey. This is a peach-based tea made of the fruit juice with white peach, yellow peach, apple, and grape blended into an iced tea.

3. Apple and shequasar Straight Juice

This fruit juice is made of an Aomori apple juice and an Okinawa shequasar juice. You can taste the slight sweetness of the apple juice and the great sourness of the shequasar.


These 2018 new summer drinks will definitely make your summer great and fun. They are all available only during this summer, so don't miss any of them!
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