Updated: November 07, 2018
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Alien Eggs As Japanese Street Food?? It's Even More Bizarre Than You Think!

Alien eggs Japanese street food! Have you heard or seen this super strange food? Well, you'll definitely want to click on this link because it's even stranger than you think!

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Alien Eggs As Japanese street food!

Have you seen this video and wondered what in the world could this possibly be? This video left me rather perplexed as to what this ingredient is. After some research, I found out they were actually octopus eggs. So there you have it, this video is about how to prepare octopus eggs in a number of different ways.

Octopus eggs (タコ卵) are even stranger than you think

A lot stranger than the eggs is the way they are produced. A study by the Journal Nature was misquoted and some people thought that octopuses are actually aliens from outer space. US researcher Dr. Clifton Ragsdale really meant to say that octopus are very complex creatures and different from any other animal on earth.
That being said, octopuses really are out-of-this-world strange creature! Do you know how they reproduce? The male octopus uses a special tentacle to reproduce and might even in some case lose its arm inside the female's oviduct!
But things soon take a tragic turn. Once the eggs are laid, the mother will protect the eggs day and night against predators and will even avoid eating for months. After the eggs hatch, the mother usually dies soon after.
This is what the octopus eggs look like when they're still in the sack as a cluster. They look a lot like a silicone implant. A D-cup serving of octopus eggs anyone?

How octopus eggs are eaten

Octopus eggs are mainly a specialty in Hokkaido and can be eaten in a variety of ways. They can be eaten raw, deep-fried as tempura, boiled or even stir-fried.
Do you think you'll ever try them?


So now that you know what this alien egg is, will you go out and try it?
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