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The Best Street Food to Try in Kyoto at Nishiki Market

Kyoto City

Kyoto is full of street food. If you want to try some Kyoto food, Nishiki Ichiba is the place to go. It is a long street full of shops that sell street food. This article will introduce some of the street food you must try at Kyoto.

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1. Hamo (Pike conger) Tempura

Uoriki is the fish shop famous for having hamo (pike conger) tempura and boiled hamo teriyaki. This place started in 1919 and has been selling hamo for 100 years.
The most popular food of Uoriki is hamo (pike conger) tempura. Its texture is juicy and tender. Hamo is an expensive fish in Japan, but you can eat this tempura here for ¥500.

2. Dashimaki Tamago

At this place, you can get Kyoto style dashimaki tamago. Dashimaki tamago is made of many layers of egg rolled up to make an egg stick like a picture above.
This dashimaki tamago uses special soy sauce to add flavor to it, which makes the dashimaki tamago sweet and salty at the same time. This soft-cooked egg tastes delicious and is worth a try.

3. Sakana Kushi (Fish stick)

This shop Kimura started during the Edo era (the 1600s). This place sells not only Sakana Kushi, but also a variety of fresh seafood for the reasonable cost.
Each stick is only ¥200. The fresh fish tastes delicious, and Sakana Kushi is a must-try street food if you like seafood.

4. Koto Hoka Manju

Koto hoka manju is on sale at Uchida no Aji dontsuki. It is a tsukudani shop. Tsukudani is a Japanese food made of meat, seafood, or seaweed simmered in soy sauce and mirin. It also sells tsukemono (Japanese style pickled vegetables).
This is the manju the shop sells. Manju is a Japanese food made of an outside layer made of flour and rice powder stuffed with a variety of food. The manju the shop sells is stuffed with tsukemono, vegetable tsukudani, and beef. It only cost ¥300 and is a great street food to eat.

5. Chocolate Korokke

This place Inoue Tsukudani shop sells over 100 kinds of deep-fried dishes as street food including chocolate korokke since 1884.
Corokke is a Japanese version of a French food croquette. This shop stuffed korokke with chocolate instead of mashed potato or meat and made it into a sweet. The taste of melted chocolate and the breadcrumbs matches well.

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