Updated: July 30, 2018
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The Best Japanese Tidbits!

There are SO many delicious snacks to try and bring back while in Japan. Here are some of the top Japanese tidbits! Enjoy!

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Where To Find The Best Of Japanese Tidbits!

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is one of the most famous souvenirs you can get while in Tokyo. It's basically a sponge cake with banana-flavoured custard cream. There are tons of different flavours to try, some seasonal. You can even get Tokyo Banana flavoured Kitkats! A gift box of 8 pieces starts at ¥1,029.


Pocky is a super famous snack within Japan and is also a very popular requested souvenir! There are so many Pocky flavours to choose from, the classic being chocolate, but you can choose from seasonal flavours. Matcha flavour and almond crush are on the top of my list for best Pocky! A box of Pocky is less than ¥150 so be sure to bring back plenty for your friends.

Meika Hiyoko

Hiyoko is called "chick" in Japanese because of its shape. Inside the sweet is a sort of custard cream. It is soft and not too sweet. This is also a very popular souvenir to bring back. A box of five is around ¥600.

Ken's Cafe

Ken's Cafe Tokyo is the best chocolate cake you'll ever eat. In fact, they used to be a restaurant, but their cakes were so popular and sold out so quickly, they decided to focus solely on making these delicious, soft chocolate cakes. These cakes aren't cheap, but they are honestly worth every penny. One cake is ¥3,000 and can be kept up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

KitKat Chocolatory

Japan has many unusual flavours of KitKat like strawberry, pumpkin, sake... and there are also some local KitKat flavours to try as well. Kyoto has two special KitKats, Uji matcha (rich matcha produced in a city of Uji, Kyoto) and Hojicha (a kind of Japanese roasted green tea). KitKat now also has a more high-end version of their product, KitKat Chocolatory. For example, you can get the Moleson bar which is a milk bar covered in cranberries and almonds (available for ¥500).

Royce Chocolate

Japan's northern-most island of Hokkaido has become over the years Japan's dairy land. Known throughout the world for its excellent products, Royce is Japan's flagship chocolate company that is based in Hokkaido. Some of their popular products include "nama chocolate", which is a mixture of chocolate and whipped cream (a box of 20 is ¥778). They also have chocolate bars and chocolate potato chips! The latter is surprisingly delicious!
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