Updated: December 25, 2018
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The 15 Damn Coolest Bars In Tokyo!


Here's a list of the 10 coolest bars in Tokyo you should check out while you're here. From old-school Japanese cocktail bars to absinthe bars, we got you covered!

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Hachigatsu No Kujira

You will find the bar, Hachigatsu No Kujira after a 5-minute walk from Shibuya. On the way to the bar, you will find a wall full of movie posters. This bar offers movie cocktails, so basically there is a menu full of movie titles and the master will make you the movie Cocktail. This picture is a Star Wars cocktail. If you look closely, you can find R2D2 and BB-8. The master makes cocktails from over 600 different types of liquor!


Albatros has become one of the hippest drinking holes in Tokyo. And understandably so. The famous bar established in 1997 is super quaint and doubles as an art gallery.

It has three locations in Tokyo: its Koenji branch, its Omoide Yokocho, and its Golden Gai branch. The latter two are both in Shinjuku, and the most well-known of all is the Golden Gai.

The bar's signature chandeliers with their warm glow create the best atmosphere imaginable to spend a relaxing evening in good company.

There is a wide variety of alcohols to have, from Japanese sake to shochu, wines, and cocktails. Drinks vary in price from ¥600 to ¥1,500, and there is a ¥500 cover charge, which is standard for bars in the Golden Gai district.

Suntory Lounge Eagle

Eagle is a classic dining bar hidden behind the Shinjuku Studio Alta. The fruit cocktails are popular among female customers. There are also tons of side dishes which are perfect for pairing with wine.

The best part is enjoying watching the bartenders make the cocktails right before your eyes!

Two Rooms Grill

Two Rooms Grills, located in the trendy Omotesando-Harajuku area, is a really nice place to go for either lunchtime or dinner. From 11:30 AM until 10 PM, they act as a restaurant serving a variety of excellent foods, including top quality Japanese wagyu beef cooked on the grill.

From the evening, the place takes on more of a dining bar and lounge vibe until 2 AM. The best part about the Two Rooms Grills is the rooftop terrace which is considered by many online reviewers as one of the best in the city!

Planetarium Bar

Planetarium bar is located close to the Shirokanedai station. Although it isn't a restaurant, it is a really great place to have a drink. This very dimly lit bar (ie almost completely in the dark) is a great place to bring a drink. You can have the all-you-can-drink course and a small bite as well. It's a unique atmosphere with a very relaxing feel, it is a nice change of pace from Tokyo's hectic rythm.

YYG Brewery & Beer Kitchen

Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen in Yoyogi is *drum roll* a brewery, as well as a restaurant. You can sip on their homemade brews on their wooden deck outside as well. The space in itself is beautiful and they have an awesome beer selection. They have beers from all over Japan as well, such as the Mango beer from Kanagawa! Beers are 650-1,000 yen.

JBS Shibuya

JBS (Jazz, Blues, Soul) is a hidden bar in Shibuya, and there are more than 11,000 records in the bar. The owner selects the perfect tunes for the night and spins them on his turntable. If you love music or are looking for a place with good vibes, this is the place to go!The drinks such as beer and wine are only ¥500, and you can enjoy your glass while listening to nice music in a cozy, chill atmosphere.

Tico Bar

Tico Bar has 3 branches in Setagaya (two in Sangenjaya, one in Shimokitazawa), and one in Suginami (in Koenji). All these areas are super hip and fun. All four locations are in fun neighbourhoods that you'll want to check out! What's great about this bar is that they have TONS of home-made alcohol to try from! Such as turmeric, lemongrass or pomegranate vodka, or even cocoa beans or coconut rum. The staff will kindly recommend how to drink it. What's more is that drinks are only 500 yen!


Very unique, mysterious and pieces of glass tiles studded everywhere on the wall, you feel like you are in a different part of the world. They play rock music, and the food they offer could be categorized as Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.
People usually spend ¥2,000~2,999 on average.
For non-smokers, just a heads up that smoking is allowed in this bar and there is no separate smoking room.
Just a 3-minute walk from Shimokitazawa station.

Kyomachi Koi Shigure

Walking into this restaurant is like walking into another world. All groups are seated in different sized houses. This Kyoto-themed restaurant is beautifully decorated and is very cozy. The restaurant has a river running through it so it is extremely calming. We recommend the steamed pork which is cooked right in front of you.
This restaurant is a short walk from Shinjuku station.


This is the coolest refuge in Ueno! It's a small place that has been around since 1973, and the bar master and owner Watanabe san who is now over 80 years of age, knows how to make some awesome cocktails. His selection of Japanese sake is also said to be excellent. This place is highly praised by locals for its quality of service and its relaxing, quaint atmosphere. There is a table for 4 at the bar and the rest are counter seats. It's possible to make a reservation.

The Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge is a bar located on the 45th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Akasaka (about a 7-minute walk from Roppongi Station). As its name implies, it has the luxurious atmosphere of a high-end hotel lobby and the relaxing mood of a lounge.

You go there for the great drinks and food, but also for the view, which is probably one of the best in Tokyo! You can see the Skytree and the Tokyo Tower from the large windows.

The place is also open during the day and operates as a cafe where you can have some amazing high tea sets.

Bar Tram

During the day it functions as a cafe with delicately hand-dripped coffee, and at night, it's a bar with a variety of delicious and unique cocktails. The interior is dark and vintage and will make you feel transported to another time and place. For coffee or for drinks, you need to check this place out. They also specialize in absinthe!

Music Bar

Music Bar is a stylish and contemporary bar in Yoyogi. The drinks are a bit pricey, but you go for the great ambience, music and cocktails. It's a great place to bring a date if you sit at the counter, or at a table with friends. The fresh fruit cocktail of the day is amazing, the Moscow Mule is also very good! Cocktails are between 1,100-1,900 yen and beer is 700 yen and up.

Roku Nana (六七)

Despite its location close to the Roppongi station, Roku Nana is hard to find for those who don't know about it since there are no signs at the entrance. You'll definitely feel like you're entering a secret bar.

They offer great variety of drinks including cocktails, whiskey and wine. You can clearly see the Roppongi buildings and their lights. The interior is luxurious and beautiful. They offer small appetizers from 600 yen and drinks are around 700-1000 yen.

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