Updated: November 07, 2018
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Points Of Interest Of Nerima Ward: An Area Guide


Nerima is a large ward in the northern part of Tokyo. If you want to find out what there is to do in this part of town, check out this guide for the major attractions and some selected outstanding restaurants.

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Nerima is one of the most populated wards of the Tokyo Metropolis with some 720,000 people living there. Located on the border with Saitama Prefecture, it is essentially suburban-like residential area, quite family-friendly and green.

Main Attractions Of Nerima

Toshimaen Amusement Park

Toshimaen is a major amusement park of Tokyo known by virtually everyone. It has jet coasters as well as water slides and pools. Ticket prices are ¥4,200 for adults and ¥3,200 for children.

The amusement park is right next to the Toshimaen Station of the Toei Oedo Line.

Shakujii Park

Nerima is home to one of the most scenic parks of Tokyo, the Shakujii Park. This park is outside of the city's core so you won't see too many tourists there. It's the ideal place to have a nice stroll and a picnic. An important feature of the park is the presence of an elongated pond. You can rent a boat to spend some time in the water too.

The park is located at about an equal distance of the Shakuji Koen Station and the Kami-Igusa Station.

Where To Eat?

Authentic Udon: "Musashino Enza"

There is this place called Musashino Enza located inside the Nerima Shakujiikoen Furusato Museum in the Shakujii Park. It serves what many people consider some of the best udon in Tokyo, so if you visit the above-mentioned park, make sure to have a bite here too. It is quite cheap too. A set only costs about ¥1,000.

Cheap Local Izakaya: "Akimotoya"

Akimotoya serves mainly "yakiton". This cuisine is essentially the same as yakitori but the meat used is pork. And at that, they are quite outstanding. Akimotoya is an unpretentious izakaya that is really affordable (most people report paying less than ¥3,000 for dinner with drinks). You can order Sapporo beer, sake and shochu to pair with your skewers. Akimotoya is located a stone throw away from the Sakuradai Station, which is the station that is next to Nerima Station.

Restaurants Mentioned in this Article

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