Updated: August 20, 2018
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5 Really Good CHEAP Sushi Places In Okayama

Okayama City

These 5 sushi restaurants have surprisingly good sushi for the price. We selected restaurants that should cost you at the most ¥3,000 per person.

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Azuma Sushi 吾妻寿司

Azuma Sushi was established in Okayama in 1912. It is one of the most emblematic sushi restaurants in the Prefecture of Okayama. The restaurant, which has a couple of locations, seeks to offer sushi that is based on its centennial tradition. You should try here the Okayama barazushi. The local specialty is a mix of various vegetables and sashimi scattered on sushi rice. They have all kinds of nigiri sushi to choose from too. Menus in English are available.

Momotaro Zushi 桃太郎ずし

Momotaro is a very popular sushi train restaurant in Okayama. The plates have the price written on them so it's really straightforward. They have a good variety of neta (toppings) and everything is said to be pretty good quality for the price. Most plates are between ¥150 to ¥300.

Fukusen ふく仙 JR岡山駅店

Fukusen is conveniently located inside the station of Okayama. The restaurant specializes in sushi and seafood in general, so you can have sets that have sushi or sashimi and other items too like tempura.

Ommaku Sushi おんまく寿司 青江店

Ommaku Sushi is a cheap sushi train restaurants with plates starting at ¥108. You can also order what they call gourmet plates that are more expensive and contain delicacies and local specialties. They have a part of their menu showing the seasonal items that you should pay attention too.

Sushitei 鮨庭

Sushitei is another sushi train restaurant worth the go. The service is quick and the quality is good for the price. What's fun here is that you can also order other Japanese foods too that you can rarely find at sushi train restaurants. They serve grilled "gyutan" (beef tongue) for instance that is a delicacy nearly everyone loves in Japan.

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