Updated: August 20, 2018
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Cheap Sushi In Hiroshima! Here Are The Best Places

Hiroshima City

In Hiroshima, you can have good-tasting sushi that isn't too hard on the wallet. Here is our selection of 5 restaurants were you can eat good sushi for ¥3,000 or less.

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Kizunaya 旬菜すし鮮 きずな屋

This secluded restaurant is located on a backstreet near Hiroshima Hondori. The restaurant has an interesting atmosphere. It is warm and traditional with a space to do tachinomi (standing while drinking) as well as well as table and traditional table seats in a tatami room. The quality is good yet the price is really affordable! There is a popular lunch set that comes with 12 pieces of nigiri sushi, a savoury egg custard called chawanmushi and a soup that is only ¥1,200. For dinner, you can get more luxurious courses for ¥3,000. You can even add an all-you-can-drink option to that for an additional ¥1,500. This is arguably overall one of the best izakayas in Hiroshima.

Sushiken すし健 白島本店

You can have their excellent sushi from lunch with sets that include about 5 pieces of sushi, a red miso soup, chawanmushi, a seafood salad, tempura, sashimi, and a piece of fruit for dessert. All this for just ¥1,000. For dinner, there are some courses for around ¥3,000 that you can add an all-you-can-drink option for ¥1,500 here too. They serve some nice nabe (hot pots) too that you should try, espicially in winter.

Sushi Tatsu すし辰

Sushi Tatsu is a sushi train restaurant with 30 counter seats and 24 table seats. It's quite cheap yet everything is reliably fresh. You should order there the seasonal specials and the Hiroshima specialties such as the oyster nigiri sushi.

Tsuruzushi 鶴寿し

34181 https://www.park-side.co.jp
This is an old fashion sushi restaurant that has been in operation for about 50 years by a couple that has a passion for sushi and a great sense of hospitality. They serve great sushi at a price that is really reasonable (most people pay less than ¥3,000). You should order sake too while you are there. They serve very generous glasses!
34172 https://www.park-side.co.jp

Nonta Sushi のん太鮨 パセーラ店

This restaurant is another sushi train one. People say it has fresh neta (toppings) that are on the large size and the amount of rice used is less than average. The seasonal fish are your best options. They have special lunch sets on weekdays.

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