Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Cheap Sushi Restaurants In Niigata That Are Surprisingly Good

Niigata City

These are 5 Niigata restaurants that serve some excellent quality sushi in spite of being on the cheap side. You don't need to spend a fortune for decent sushi in Japan. Enjoy!

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Kaitenzushi Benkei 廻転寿司弁慶

Japanese people say that two things make great sushi: one is the "neta" which is the topping, and the other one is the "shari" which is the term used for sushi rice. At Benkei, a sushi train restaurant, they are extremely particular about both. Niigata is know for making excellent rice. Furthermore, there is an island in Niigata called Sato which has an excellent reputation for rice within Niigata. All the rice used comes from that island. As for the neta, most of it comes from fish caught on the same day from the Sea of Japan. Everything is extremely fresh. This is why Benkei is the most popular cheap sushi restaurant in Niigata.

Kenko Sushi Kaisenya 健康寿司海鮮家 CoCoLo東店

If you are looking for an excellent cheap sushi place near Niigata Station, look no further, this is the place to go. It is a sushi train restaurant, so you can order many small plates, or, there are also some sushi assortments plates that come with a miso soup for less than ¥1,000. These are popular options for lunch.

Kotobukizushi ことぶき寿司 内野店

Kotobukizushi is another sushi train restaurant worth going to, not just for the food but also for the tuna carving show they do at 6:30! You can see how sushi chefs prepare an 80 kg fish from scratch, and then you can order the pieces that have just been cut. Inside the same tuna fish, there are many types of sashimi with various fat content. Generally speaking, the fattier the sashimi the more of a delicacy it is. Although it's a bit expensive, you should try the "otoro" tuna sashimi, which is the under-belly fat.

Chiyozushi 千代鮨

Chiyozushi is a mainstream but authentic sushi bar where you can sit at the counter and get a good look of the sushi chef preparing your orders. There are some "zaseki" (traditional Japanese-style tables) if you want to sit in small groups. It's a good place to have a couple of sake drinks in a warm atmosphere as you enjoy delicious sushi.

Sushiya Maruishi すしや まるいし (Sato Island)

Next restaurant I'd like to introduce is one located on the island of Sato that was mentioned in the description of the first restaurant in this guide. Maruishi is also a sushi train restaurant. Because it is blessed with an abundance of fresh agricultural produce and a sea that is one of the richest fishing areas in Japan, the quality-price ratio is one of the best there is. A must go if you are going to the famous island.

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